The Ultimate Season Round Floral Frock from Voodoo Vixen


Sometimes with the hustle and bustle of life it can be hard to find time to stop. But stopping and taking life in is so important. As a blogger I sometimes finding the time to stop can be difficult. But quite pleasantly I recently got to sit and enjoy some time with my man while on location in the Sydney CBD blog shooting. Being a bit more dressed up than normal as well (because there’s something about wearing a hat that makes you feel EXTRA fancy!) it felt extra nice to be relaxing in a café, especially in a dress so beautifully made it could pass for vintage. I’m of course talking about the Dark Floral Allie Dress from Voodoo Vixen.

Hat ~ True Vintage
Earrings ~ Badgirl hoops in gold by Vixen from Natasha Marie Clothing
Beads ~ Pink beads from Debstar Designs
Brooch ~ Bee Butt brooch from The Odd and Sparkly
Dress ~ Dark Floral Allie dress from Voodoo Vixen
Shoes ~ Betty Heels in black from Miss L Fire

Voodoo Vixen has absolutely been knocking their designs out of the ball the last 12 months and I’ve added quite a few pieces from their releases to my wardrobe. A truly elegant meshing of 40s and 50s styling, their pieces are great for leisure, work or something more formal with the versatility meaning they can be styled a multitude of different ways. The Allie dress is no exception to this and whenever I’ve worn it I’ve had many people ask if its true vintage, with the stunning floral fabric and cut.


The Allie dress is made of 97% cotton and 3% Elastane. This means it breaths beautifully and can comfortably be worn in the warmer or cooler weather. There is some light stretch to this dress which makes it comfortable to move around in which is a wonderful surprise considering the length of the sleeves. The sleeves I found also weren’t too tight on my upper arms which didn’t restrict my movement and I loved the lower back line, which is very different to what I normally wear. The zip was easy to manage on my own and the print is absolutely unreal in person. For size reference I’m wearing the size Large.


The bustline of the Allie dress is square, which is outside the norm for me but gives it a wonderful vintage vibe. The array of colours in the floral fabric also make it an absolute pleasure to style! As you have so many colours to work with. I particularly love the included purple belt as giving a pop of definition at the waist. Along with the neckline the Allie also features a pleated chest which as a smaller busted gal is a feature I truly love as it helps give my bust a more ample appearance without being too much for more formal or corporate situations. I also found the bodice of this dress delightfully flattering on my pear shape, as the flared skirt helps smooth the hips and the general shape of the body tends to reduce out lumps and bumps without heavy shapewear.


The Allie dress is one of my absolute favourites from the Voodoo Vixen’s last release and as my northern Hemisphere readers head into autumn and winter, this piece can definitely cover the cooler months as well as the warmer ones! I cannot wait to find other fun ways to style this gorgeous dress! The Allie dress retails for £55.00 which is roughly $92AU + postage depending on the exchange rate on the day! An absolute steal for such a gorgeous dress.

Special thanks to the Jet Cafe for letting us snap some shots with our coffee.

Til next time darlings!


Disclaimer: Whilst I received this dress in collaboration with Voodoo Vixen, all opinions expressed are honest to help ensure the most accurate information for my readers.

1940s Seamstress magic with The Black Pinafore

IMG_2672 (1)

As a small business owner, I know the amount of effort that goes into running a small business. So when I can, I try and support other small business owners as I’ve been so fortunate to be supported in my own business endeavours.  Seamstresses in particular are a group of women I admire. I’ve been wanting to learn to sew forever but can never seem to find the time to do. I feel like learning to sew would be especially helpful with my love of the 1940s, as my hips are a constant hurdle for this era. So I recently took the plunge and ordered a commission of a 1940s style dress I adore from Italian Seamstress The Black Pinafore.


Flowers ~ Black Rose Double from Daisy Jean
Necklace ~ Black Beads from Debstar Designs
Brooch ~ Peggy Carter Brooch from Miss Lady A Broad
Dress ~ Custom 1940s dress made from a Vintage Pattern by The Black Pinafore
Shoes ~ Marilyn pumps in red from Royal Vintage Shoes

The Black Pinafore is a small one woman seamstress store I found while hunting for 1940s goodies on etsy. I followed them on Instagram for what felt like forever before I got up the courage to contact owner Deborah to make a purchase. With the Australian dollar not being as strong as the Euro, I contacted Deborah about paying a purchase off in instalments. Thankfully Deborah was super understanding and the installments were easily broken up into individual listings for me, so I could pay them with ease when I was ready.


Once my custom dress was paid in full, the fun really started.  Deborah was great in keeping in touch and keeping me upto date. I selected my fabric from a variety she sent me to choose from and the construction began. Her attention to detail during this construction period was wonderful as she also contacted me to choose my button and matching belt buckle detail. Once construction started it only took a couple of weeks to complete. Shipping from Italy was around 3 weeks and it was tracked, which was wonderful for helping me keep upto date with where my parcel was. My dress arrived well packaged with a gorgeous set of matching earrings.


As this was my first ever made to order item, I must admit I was a bit nervous. My body shape doesn’t fit the standard ‘form’ for clothing (I’m quite short in the torso but with small rounded shoulders but big in the hips) so I was unsure if it would fit despite measuring myself a couple of times. I was delighted to find this dress fits beautifully with or without foundation garments! The belt is the perfect size and I love the touches of the vintage buckle and matching button. To get this garment on I simply unbutton the front and pull over my head. Having been made from a vintage pattern this dress has such a wonderful true vintage feel. And the fabric colour is currently one of my favorites in my wardrobe as well! The construction has been beautifully done and I noticed there has also been some hand sewing done too, which is a beautiful touch to a handmade garment. The only thing I’d change would be to make the dress a few inches longer. Otherwise its perfect.


The perfect brooch for this gorgeous dress was my Peggy Carter brooch from Miss Lady A Broad! A gorgeously made piece designed and made here in Australia, it’s a subtle way of paying homage to one 1940s woman I adore. You can also match her with Captain America, who is also in the Lady A Broad store.


My custom made commission from The Black Pinafore cost me $158.05AU split over 3 payments and $48AU for tracked postage to Australia. Being able to break the payments down made this a manageable purchase for me and I have absolutely no regrets about adding a beautifully made custom piece from a Seamstress into my wardrobe. I’m hoping it won’t be my last custom made piece! While her commissions list is currently full til October 2017 (she is definitely worth the wait though people!) she also has a small selection of ready made goodies in her etsy store as well!

I hope you’ve all enjoyed this review darlings!

Til next time



1940s Nostalgia with Lindy Bop

2017 has been an exciting year for me, as it’s the year my 1940s love has truly begun to blossom. More and more pieces in my wardrobe have a 1940s feel and even though I still have about 50% of my wardrobe rocking the 1950s, its also super exciting to have been able to embrace an era I so adore for its elegance, class and sheer sophistication in styling. With true vintage 1940s pieces that fit my shape a rare (and normally expensive) find, I’m always excited to find reproduction goodies that fit the bill. So I was SUPER excited when I spied the Emma dress in Nostalgia floral print from lindy Bop on their website.
Hat & Gloves ~ Vintage
Brooch ~ Miss Be Mine brooch from Miss Lady A Broad
Belt ~ Kmart
Dress ~ Emma Nostalgic Wiggle Floral Print Dress from Lindy Bop
Shoes ~ Nita Heels from Royal Vintage Shoes
The Emma dress had been catching my eye for quite some time. I loved the neckline and the detailing across the front. I loved the print. But my wallet kept not matching my desires until a few weeks ago when I parted ways with a beautiful vintage hat I sold on that was too small for my head. I was so excited to receive my Emma dress. I ordered it on a Tuesday and it was in my hands Tuesday the following week! The postage was also tracked which I absolutely loved! It meant I could keep my eyes on my order and it also emailed me the delivery date two days before too!
The Emma dress features high neck knot and keyhole neckline, capped sleeves and a pleated front detail across the front skirt. A more pencil style than an aline or swing dress, this style is designed to hug curves and create shape.  As a girl with a bit of a tummy I adore the pleated detail across the front. It stops the usual ‘lump’ firmer wiggle styles can make my tummy have and instead give a streamline vintage look without making me feel restricted or uncomfortable. The high neckline also makes this a great dress for a more corporate workplace, as its not too busty but isn’t completely closed either. I like how the peep of skin in the keyhole breaks up the neckline of this dress.


The Emma Dress is 100% polyester and is fully lined. This lining is silky soft and is incredibly comfortable to wear. The invisible zip also does up without any fuss which is always a win (we know how temperamental invisible zippers can be. While I’m normally a size 16 in Lindy Bop swing styles, after reading this style had little stretch I sized up to the 18 to play it safe. This was a good move. The outer fabric has very little give and the size 18 fits my 47 in hips perfectly. Also while I normally need a padded bra to fill out wiggle dresses I size up in, the more modest bustline means I can simply wear my normally soft cup bullet bras without any issues.
I am also absolutely loving the floral print of the Emmadress as well. It’s definitely got a vintage feel and while with the accessories I wore for me shoot it has a vintage autumn feel, the pastel lilac through it could easily make it spring wear too! I’m absolutely in love with my Emma dress and have absolutely no regrets about taking the plunge and adding it to my wardrobe! I’ve been super impressed with my recent Lindy Bop additions in regards to consistent fit and quality and I cannot wait to share a more summer look with you all very soon!
The Emma Dress is available in UK8-22 (though some sizes are already sold out!) and is only £34.00/$58.42AU + postage!
I hope you’ve all enjoyed this review! 
Til next time darlings

1940’s Princess with Royal Vintage Shoes



With my love of a 1940’s aesthetic feeling like its reaching a peak in 2017 (I’m so ready to start making my own 1940’s creations as well as expanding my 1940’s wardrobe more) I’m excited to share my favourite pair of shoes from the Royal Vintage Shoes first release with you all: the Nita heels. As I learnt more about the 1940’s look, I learnt that the shoes are a big part of creating a finished look. My love for the Nita comes from her versatility: the perfect heel for both day wear and evening.
Hair Clip ~ Lovisa
Earrings ~ Vienna earrings in silver from Revere Folie
Dress ~ True Vintage 1940’s Ball gown bought from Word From the Bird
Shoes ~ Nita heels from Royal Vintage Shoes
The Nita heel is a 1940’s style sandal heel that features an ankle strap. These are a gorgeous reproduction based on an actual 1940’s shoe. As an Aussie gal who not only struggles to find the amazing true vintage heels of my US and UK counterparts down under and whose foot is a tad wider at the front (making my confidence a bit shakey when buying true vintage shoes online) I’m so happy to have found a pair of heels that I can wear with my true vintage 1940’s items that give an authentic look.


The Nita heel’s design is very subtle but truly makes them such a stunning shoe. Across the toe there is a feature cut out, which also includes subtle stitching as well. The cross over a the back of the ankle is equally a stunning feature of this shoe while not overpowering the front detail. The heel is a sensible 3 inches and has been molded from an original 1940’s heel, which makes them comfortable for long periods of wear.  Perfect for a day at the office or a night on the town. Featuring leather lining along with its super soft suede exterior, I didn’t really need to break these shoes in at all. I’ve had no problems with blisters, fight pressure or rubbing of any sort. I’ve worn these to work, to nights out and had no issues with support on my aches or comfort. These really are an incredibly made and comfortable shoe.
For this review I wanted to showcase how these heels could be worn in a formal setting, so chose to shoot them with this gorgeous 1940’s ball gown I bought from Australia Vintage store Word from the Bird. They are an amazing pairing and I honestly cannot wait to wear this outfit out to a real even and not just to a photo shoot!
The Nita heels retail for $145USD/$192AUD + shipping, which I normally have in 1-1.5 weeks all the way down under in Australia. For size reference I’m wearing a 7.5 which is the same as my B.A.I.T footwear size.
As a girl who used to skimp on shoes and live in cheap ballet flats and poorly made heels…I can vouch that if you can it is totally worth spending the money on well made shoes to help lift your pinup look. My best shoes are without a doubt my Royal Vintage Pairs followed closely by my Miss L Fire heels (which are also from the Royal Vintage Store). They mean less blisters, less aches and happier feet which has definitely made my life a whole lot easier.
I hope you’ve enjoyed this review and have loves this look as much as I have! I definitely need more 1940’s gowns in my life!
Also if you haven’t signed up for the Royal Vintage newsletter or follow them on Instagram you totally should! I hear whispers of a new release of their collection coming in 2017 and after loving their first range so much (see my other reviews of their shoes here and here) I am so excited to see what amazing vintage designs they bring to us in 2017!
A massive thank you to photographer Phil Ingram for these gorgeous snaps too.
Til next time darlings!
Disclaimer: Whilst I received these shoes as part of a sponsorship with Royal Vintage Shoes, all opinions expressed are honest to help ensure the most accurate information for my readers. 

Roses are Gold with Dressific

As a pinup gal, I love glamour. It’s part of my Daily Ritual. I love how glamming up can make me feel so amazing within myself and pin up lends itself to so many different kinds of glamour. When I was contacted by Dressific to work with them on a post, I didn’t know what I was being sent which was incredibly exciting! I asked for something that wasn’t strappy, as I can’t wear straps to work and when the dress arrived I was struck by how pretty it was. It’s interesting how sometimes we are given the opportunity to wear something that is outside our norms and we just love it. While I’ve been waiting for the right day to wear it to work (I dress according to my mood) I just loved dressing it up as a more formal look to share with you all!
Hat ~ Vintage 1940s
Flowers ~ Jean double & red rose double from Daisy Jean Floral Designs
Beads ~ Black Pearls from Debstar Designs
Gloves ~ Vintage
Brooch ~ Fantastic Fuchsia Brooch by Erstwilder
Dress ~ gold rose swing dress from Dressific
Shoes ~ Black velvet Marco Giani Pumps
Dressific is an Australian company that takes its inspiration from the Vintage Hollywood starlets from the past to help bring glamorous dresses to their customers. With a tag line in their about me of ♥ After all, you’re unique so why should your wardrobe be any different?  They aim to bring a range of stunning vintage inspired dresses for both every day wear and special occasions. With a lot of time and research being poured into this business, they only work with the best manufacturers to bring the best quality items possible to their store. Another aspect about their business I love is their dedication to not sell knock offs of other pinup and retro brands, which is such a great philosophy. There are a lot of knock offs from amazing brands floating around and its great to see a company take a stand against that. After spending quite some time looking through their website myself, they have some truly stunning pieces available, for any occasion!
Another aspect that makes Dressific an amazing option, is the fact that they are made to measure, so you get the right fit as a customer every time. This is a great option for gals who are between sizes (like me!) or for gals who err on the far ends of the sizing charts (whether that be teeny tiny or curvy and plus sized). That means that you can look and feel fabulous in what you’re wearing and a big part of that is having something that fits you properly. My dress was made to measure and fit like a glove (though hormones did make it a little firm around the bust come shoot day!). Dressific dresses are also incredibly affordable, to help let all ladies have a little bit of glamour in their lives without seriously hurting their wallets!
The stunning dress I got sent features a solid sheer color body which has a high neckline which is ideal for work and knee length which is my preferred length of dress or skirt. Sheer fabric over the top, which has the roses on it is truly beautiful and really makes the whole dress. It was beautifully made, comfortable to wear and I love the versatility of styling it. As I said before, I went glam for this post, playing to the black outline of the roses by teaming it with black accessories. This stunning true vintage hat features an emu feather which is an Aussie Touch I love and the other accessories help tie it all together. For a subtle pop of colour I wore a purple floral brooch. All dressed up I felt ready to attend a luncheon or a fancy night out.
I hope you’ve all enjoyed this review as much as I loved styling it! I also have an exciting competition on my instagram coming up for you all where you can win your own Dressific dress! Its going live tomorrow so keep your eyes peeled! In the meantime you can shop their website by clicking here. I love the easy navigation too. Currently drooling over the 1940’s section myself, namely these two dresses!
1940s stripe dress
1940s/50s vintage floral dress
Til next time darlings!
Disclaimer: Whilst I received this dress in a collaboration from Dressific, all opinions expressed are honest to help ensure the most accurate information for my readers. 

Vintage Discoveries and Blessed Feelings

Vintage. It was something that as a baby pinup, it always felt unobtainable. I used to firmly believe that vintage was SUPER expensive and all too little for someone like me. Now while vintage can be expensive, if you know what to look for and how to search you can actually find quite a bit in bigger sizes and not all of it is frumpy and sad. My first true discovery with true vintage was through Newtown store The Vintage Drawer. Deb, who is the owner is such an absolute pleasure to deal with and she showed me that there was beautiful vintage out there that fit me and that having vintage in my wardrobe was obtainable. With my experience with her I went on to find Bek who owns Word from the Bird in Ballarat and fell in love again. She stocks beautiful pieces in a range of sizes and I’ve since made 4 purchases from her that definitely get a fair bit of wear. In my blog photos today, I’m wearing my newest addition from Bek, which is this stunning soft pink 1940s dress!
Hat ~ Early 1950’s hat from Little Cooper on Etsy
Beads ~ Equip
Brooch ~ Tulip Bouquet brooch from Erstwilder
Dress ~ 1940s Dusty pink and lace day dress from Word fromthe Bird
Belt ~ Off Another Dress
Shoes ~ Lacey heels from Royal Vintage Shoes
But this post isn’t just about my growing love of vintage. 2016 for me had a really rough start. I lost some good friends; I saw the bullying underside of the Australian pinup scene when I became the target of a bullying campaign. My beautiful grandmother passed away from a heart attack in her home just before Easter. I’ve had some other things happen that have really dragged me down which I haven’t shared online either and up until recently, 2016 was feeling like one of the worst years of my adult life. While it wasn’t all bad, the good definitely felt like it was been smothered by the constant layers of bad stuff that kept happening. And they happened in such quick succession to each other that I hadn’t really finished trying to emotionally and mentally the first thing before the others piled on. It can be hard to feel positive when you feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders and when you have a lot of BIG stuff going on or even repetitive little stuff it can really build up and start to bring you down.
Sometimes though, things that look like they are horrible and stressful can actually be a catalyst for great change. I got some news recently (which I’m not sharing yet!) that initially really upset me, cause huge anxiety and made me feel even more down. But, as time went on and it had a flow on effect to other decisions being made, decisions that had been causing large amounts of stress, I felt the stress begin to lift. In the past week I have found myself feeling a lot more at peace with events of the year, a lot more at peace with the loss of my grandmother and find myself swelling with gratitude for the amazing things in my life. I have an incredible partner. I have a beautiful family. I have amazing friends. My little business is growing so well and my blogging is really starting to take off. I’m getting back into modelling and not letting my body hold me back. I’m trying new things and feeling amazing about life. I have the opportunity to meet and spend time with some amazingly strong women this past weekend and they’ve really lifted my spirits and shown me that not all ladies are bitter and nasty and that there are women who encourage, support and inspire each other to do better! I am so grateful for the positive things i have going on.
On Saturday I attended a vintage ladies high tea (I’ll be blogging about this on Saturday for you all) and then I had the pleasure of shooting with Kimberly of Saycheesecake Photography, who I’ve had the pleasure of mutually following online for what seems like forever. Meeting these women has really inspired me to push back at my anxiety and reconnect with the things I used to love to do, like going to events and attending pageants because screw the people who try and bring others down. So…how does all this tie into vintage….
Vintage is one of the things that recently has been connecting me with amazing women. It was so incredibly cool to go and spend an afternoon with such incredible, inspiring and amazing ladies at the QVB High Tea. I’ve never felt so included in a group like that before, even though my anxiety meant I kept myself a little on the outside of the socialising and it was great to hear ladies with similar experiences to me in regards to blogging (ie people STARING at you when you are taking blog photos around the place) and recognising people off instagram.
The whole weekend has left me feeling incredibly inspired to do better, be better, support fiercely and be kinder to myself. We all have struggles we go through and that’s ok. Though sometimes popping on some incredible vintage does definitely help! I’ve got so much coming to my blog this coming month. I’ve never been this busy in this little blog space but I’m feeling so motivated to really make it what I dreamed it would be! I have some amazing products, collaborations and photoshoots coming up. I hope you are all ready for this space to really start blossoming!
Also, can we take a second to just appreciate this gorgeous vintage hat! Hats are something I’ve always enjoyed, even as a kid. I’ve been wanting to start investing in vintage hats for the last 18 months but I’ve been umming and ahhing about it. But on my birthday I found a gorgeous garden hat in an op shop and after a bit of an online splurge I now have 3 vintage hats and I cannot wait to add more!
I hope you’ve all enjoyed this little blog post! I just wanted to share some shots of this amazing vintage dress and hat as I had intended to wear them this past weekend but it was much too cold! And remember, if life is getting you down that sometimes things get hard sometimes and thats ok. Light will come through in the end.
Til next time darlings!