Guest Blogging for What Katie Did ~ Sharing the body love in Party Wear!

Hello darlings!
So earlier this year I was contacted by the amazing What Katie Did (a retro lingerie company in the UK that I adore) to work on a blog series to showcase how to style foundation garments on a curvier frame with certain outfits and after some organizing we decided on a 3 blog series to showcase 3 different styles of outfits with corresponding foundation garments! 
I think its so great to see retro lingerie brands being more body inclusive. As a curvier girl it can be intimidating finding retro foundations when you can’t relate to the models showcasing it and worrying about fit, so I am thrilled to be able to share my love of lingerie, with a brand I love with you all! 
I’m also loving the photos for this collaboration so much! The photography goddess Sherbet Birdie shot this series and her photography is amazing (if you haven’t shot with her you need to!). I was beyond excited about the entire thing and still am! I also shared some behind the scenes sneak peaks for you all of this set (another coming for the next one soon!) to show the process of my transformation and a glimpse of the process of this photoshoot, as keeping it real is something I’m about. 
Our first blog post is now live and it covers killer curves for this years party season, featuring What Katie Did (of course!) and Pinup Girl Clothing, an another amazing retro brand that is size inclusive for more fuller figured ladies! I wanted to share it here for you all. For those who want to read the original article, check out the What Katie Did website here! I have another two guest posts coming, showing off two different looks again! 

Guest Blogger: CurveCreation on Partywear!

The end of the year is creeping up with surprising speed and no matter where you are in the world, December is function season. Parties, formals, proms, graduations, Christmas events and New Year’s celebrations are everywhere as we celebrate the closing of another year. For me it’s no exception, and when I go glam I really like to look my best.
This party look is inspired by the decadence of past screen sirens. As my figure leans more towards a pear shape, I am lucky enough to have a proportionally much smaller waist, which makes a super-curvy bombshell look very achievable. However fear not if you have a different figure – I’m here to prove with the right foundations everyone can feel like Marilyn Monroe, and pull off those slinky dresses you always wanted to, whatever your size or shape!
To create an hourglass shape I use a layered approach, something I save for occasions where I want to add a little bit of extra sass to my outfit and figure. While I do naturally have a smaller waist to hip ratio (around 12-14 inches) I do like to make this difference more dramatic when I want to look extra fabulous. I start with a pair of high waisted Maitresse Knickers, underneath a Vamp Corset in Black Satin from What Katie Did. As a gal with a shorter torso, smaller waist and carrying most of my curves in the bottom, I find that the ultra-curvy Vamp really works for me. The shorter length doesn’t restrict my movement and the signature goring on the hips allows for a really good cinch on my waist without compromising my fuller hips. The reduction a Vamp gives is amazing and perfect for a high glamour look like this one! For a smoother finish, I’ve replaced the cord laces with lacing ribbon, which I feel doesn’t bunch as much under clothes, meaning you aren’t left with bulges. Although the Vamp is my personal favourite, there are of course lots more options for different shapes and styles at What Katie Did, as they create corsets in sizes 16”- 34” which equates to approximately UK 6-24 (US 2-20) dress sizes!
Over the top of my corset I’m wearing the Glamour Nouveau Corselette in Black. While Corselettes are usually worn without a corset for cinching and shaping, for this outfit I used it to take the work the Vamp does and helps bring it up to the next level. The cups clip separately from the bodice, which I find gives brilliant bust support, and the front eye hook closure allows for a sleek finish with no lumps and bumps. By wearing the Corselette over corset, the lines of the corset are smoothed (especially useful under tight-fitting dresses), as well as offering shaping to my hips and giving my bust a lift with the built in bra. The six straps on the Corselette allow for comfortable hold on my stockings, which means I don’t have to spend the night adjusting them (because no-one needs that distraction when they’re looking this fabulous!) I’ve also found the Corselette to be a highly versatile piece for day-to-day life as well, as it’s perfect for under not just wiggle styles, but swing and a-line dresses and skirts too.


 To complete this glamorous look, I’ve chosen a pair of Fully Fashioned Empire Heel Stockings. The intricate designs on the heels of Empire Heel Stockings were inspired by the Empire State Building in New York, and back in the day ladies would save their Empires (also known as Manhattans) for very special occasions only, as they were considered so fancy! Fully Fashioned Stockings are incredibly soft and sleek, and I find a little bit of luxury the perfect finish to an outfit like this; even if they’re only just seen, you can’t be wearing any old stockings under a dress as gorgeous as this!
As a lover of slinky dresses that accentuate my hips and waist, it was great fun finding the perfect dress to complete this look. While there are many incredible designers around who make beautiful floor-length dresses, Pinup Girl Clothing’s iconic Gilda Gown will always be a firm favourite. After a little indecision, I decided to go with the Purple Velvet Gilda Gown and, of course, couldn’t resist the matching cape. This stunning gown is ideal for any event where serious glamour is required (although that definitely won’t stop me wearing it anywhere I can!) The fit, with its own built-in bengaline shaper, makes it perfect for ladies of all shapes and it’s available in a huge variety of sizes. It’s also perfect for achieving instant elegance – it’s figure-hugging yet forgiving, with wide shoulder straps (making bra-wearing easy, even for the better endowed of us) and a mini fan train which adds to the silver screen starlet feeling. The matching cape features the most stunning silver diamante clasp and is perfect to keep you warm without having to resort to a bulky coat during the evening. It’s also a great option to cover up your arms if you’d rather not show them off, without having to resort to sleeves which can sometimes be a little stuffy and hard to dance in. It also means you have the option of two different looks – both of which radiate high end glamour. (For ladies who aren’t a huge fan of the floor length Gilda, it also comes in a knee length version, ideal for cocktail parties)
I chose to keep the accessories simple to compliment the silver clasp on the cape. A simple vintage silver diamanté bracelet and matching dress earrings were chosen to help pull the look together, and Miss L Fire’s 1940s Lila Heels in Black Velvet (purchased from Royal Vintage Shoes) gave me a little leg-lengthening lift to complete the look. For an extra level of evening glamour, a pair of What Katie Did’s elbow length satin gloves would look absolutely amazing.
And so as you can see, with the right foundations anyone can be a silver screen starlet!


Photography: Sherbert Birdie 



By What Katie Did


Glamour Nouveau Corselette – Black – 32-38 B-F (10-16 B-F) – £95.00
Vamp Corset – Black – 18″-34″ – £169.50
Maitresse Nouveau Knickers – Black – 8-18 – £26.50
Fully Fashioned Empire Heeled Stockings – Black – S/M/L – £25.00
Long Satin Gloves – Black – One Size – £17.50



Other Pieces:


Shoes: Miss L Fire Lila Heels (stocked at Royal Vintage Shoes)
Jewellery: Vintage



I hope you’ve all enjoyed this post as much as I’ve loved writing it for this collaboration and I am so excited for the next release!
Til next time darlings!
Disclaimer: This post was a joint collaboration with UK Lingerie Brand What Katie did and US brand Pinup Girl Clothing. All opinions expressed are honest  and my own to help ensure the most accurate information for my readers. 

Shooting wth Starlet Fever Clothing!

Happy Saturday!
I hope its going great for you all and you are enjoying the weekend! Its post time!
This blog post is dedicated to fulfilling a dream! Its quite personal, so I hope you enjoy it and all take something from it.
When I first got into pinup modelling two years ago, I held dreams of modelling for a brand. I remember at the time it felt completely unobtainable! I felt like a nobody, still being a newbie (though I do often still feel like this to be honest) and I kind of shelved the idea. It was something I never thought would happen for me, thought it was something that always kind of haunted the back of my mind.
Then 2015 started! I’d pegged it as being my year at the end of 2014 but it ended up being a killer. I had a lot of issues with where I was living which caused a HUGE spike in my anxiety. I went back into full time work as well and my modelling came to a screaming HALT after 18 months of growth and traction. This, along with an 8kg weight gain from stress, left me feeling very down about myself and my body, especially when some of my favorite clothes stopped fitting me. 
In June, I decided to take back my motivation and my self confidence and make a big change: I went blonde. Something that initially petrified me. I’d been a proud red head for 3.5 years and the thought of such a big change felt really scary and uncomfortable. But I went ahead. I was feeling SO stagnant within myself I needed change. And going blonde would allow me to hit the water again after years of barely swimming due to my red bleeding when wet. So, I saw the lovely Miss Ruby Rabbit from Retrobillia and we took the plunge! (To read about my transition from red to blonde, click here) Little did I know, that taking this plunge would open up the opportunity for me to fulfil a dream and model for a brand!
In July, I had the pleasure of being sponsored an amazing new dress (review here) to review here on my blog. The quality of the dress is incredible and I instantly fell in love. A few weeks after receiving it they contacted me again to ask if I’d be interested in modelling for their website as a blonde. I remember initially being so nervous I didn’t know how to reply straight away! Especially with the weight I’d gained in the past few months! But I soon did and the shoot day was organised for the day after I got my hair done blonde! We were shooting in the Wollongong Botanical gardens, which is a place I truly love.
So the day came and it meant a VERY early start! I drove down to Wollongong, to have the amazing Ruby take out the set we’d done the day before for the shoot. Then I went and had my make up professionally done before heading to the gardens and setting up to shoot.
Hair flowers are from Daisy Jean Floral Designs, Heels are all Pin Up Couture
The team were lovely! I was also stoked to finally be shooting with Cupcake Photography after we got rained out for our first real shoot together earlier in the year. We packed up our clothes rack of goodies we were shooting and the big collapsible change room and we headed to our first location!
The first outfit we shot was the Eleanor Dress in High Risk Red which is a dress I fell in love with! It was SO comfortable and with my amazing hair. It was a good dress to start with as red has always been my power colour!

The day pasted in a blur of pretty clothes and pretty poses. As I relaxed I felt more and more at ease and my poses became more natural!


Being adjusted by Suz


Suz working the angles for some amazing photos!


Behind the scenes snap


Playing with Shadows


Drink break! And all the glamourous expressions!
A day that started at 6.30am for me wrapped up at 4.30pm! It was a massive day but I honestly had such a blast shooting! It was such an incredible experience to get the opportunity to work for a brand and its a brand I can honestly say know their stuff. Their quality is incredible and I adore their products and their dedication to flattering pieces!
Here are some of the shots from the shoot which I adore!




It was so incredibly exciting to see these pictures and more up on the Starlet Fever website and it definitely gave me the boost I needed to start taking my life back. Not only did this shoot fulfill a dream I never thought would eventuate, it also gave me my self confidence back, reminded me that I was more than my weight and that I can achieve amazing things, even if I don’t think I can. Never doubt yourself, you are capable of SO much more than you give yourself credit for! 
I would truly like to thank Starlet fever for giving me the amazing opportunity you did to model for your company! The experience is truly one I will cherish for ever and I intend to add more Starlet Fever to my wardrobe in the coming months! Also a thank you to Suz of Cupcake Photography for being such a pleasure to shoot with!
Til Monday!

Dolls & Dames Workshop held at Viva Moss Vegas

So last Saturday, my good friend Caitlin and I headed off to the brisk, cool Southern Highlands for our first workshop with the hair and makeup goddess, Eva of Dolls and Dames. I was super excited, as I’ve had the pleasure of working with Eva previously on shoots (as well having her work her magic at the Sydney Rock n Roll markets!) and I was excited when Caitlin suggested that we go.



I woke up bright and sparky early and wish a fresh face, pony tail and high hopes I met Caitlin at her place and we road tripped our way from the hustle and bustle of Sydney to the rather brisk, yet picturesque picture of the Southern Highlands, around a 2 hour’s drive from the city. I was also excited about the day as it was being held at the retro store Viva Moss Vegas, who I had the pleasure of meeting when I worked with Erstwilder at the Reed Gift Fair earlier this year as well as seeing her photography popping up on my social media through some ladies I know, so I was keen to see her business and enjoy the day.


We arrived at 10am on the dot and rugged up we made our way into the back section of the store, where we were greeted with the scene of Eva and a group of nervous yet excited looking women crowded around a long table in the studio of the store. A front roller was up in all of our hair and we began on the makeup!

Even though I’ve reached a point where with a lot of makeup stuff that I’m now quite confident in myself and my skills, even just watching the techniques of other ladies, I really learnt a lot. I also realized that I know more than I give myself credit for now days with makeup. I’ve gone from a complete make up newbie to someone who can do a full face in less than 10 minutes and who after a few years of practice, can now do kick ass liner in no time at all! It was also exciting to play with JUMBO stacked lashes and I kind of felt like if I blinked a lot, I’d take off! I want to get back into wearing daily lashes again. It really does finish a pinup look, even just wearing a demi set.


We then moved onto hair and this was kind of where my frustration began. The reality is, I haven’t had a haircut in around 6 months now and it means my hair has become much too long and has therefore become extremely rebellious. That coupled with my need to redo my regrowth (my natural hair will not tease to for me, no matter how many tears I shed) meant I really struggled. I knew how to do the displayed technique but I couldn’t get my hair to cooperate and with my color being SO washed out atm any unsmoothed teasing was extremely obvious! There were nearly tears of frustration as I fought with my hair, but thankfully Eva came to my rescue and managed to bully it into doing what it should have done initially. It was also great to see Caitlin completely rock doing her hair and look fabulous doing it!


We then had a little photo shoot, which I loved. I didn’t realize how much I missed being in front of the camera and it’s made me even more excited for this weekend and shooting for blog reviews as well as really pushed my drive to get shooting more often happening again! Especially now all my shooting for my business Daisy Jean is finished and I’ve moved and settled into a new place.
I absolutely love my image from shooting on the day and I really want to shoot with Viva Moss Vegas again in the future! You can see my image below! I’ll also be reviewing this outfit sometime next week, along with 7 other Hell bunny pieces so keep your eyes peeled!!
I’d also like to take a minute to thank a very special lady for making my attendance at this workshop possible. I’m going to be honest and say I don’t have a lot of friends, but I am so grateful for the ones I do have. Caitlin is someone I’m so proud to call a friend and it was so great to go along to the workshop and learn new things together and see her push herself outside of her comfort zone.
For more information on Dolls & Dames click here. For more information on Viva Moss Vegas, click here. To read Caitlin’s blog Closet Confessions, click here!

If you are a newbie to Pinup Hair and make up I’d definitely recommend attending a Dolls n Dames workshop if you can! Even as someone a bit more ‘advanced’ than a beginner, I still learnt a lot!
I hope you’ve all enjoyed this post and I’m looking forward to sharing my hair transformation with you all on Saturday evening!
Til tomorrow

The Retro Equality Project ~ By the lovely Miss Cherry Button!

So mid last year, a call was put out by the amazing Miss Cherry Button, a pinup/alternative model and Burlesque dancer in Sydney for models/photographers/MUAH to volunteer to be involved in a project aimed at raising awareness of same sex marriage equality through the medium of pinups. This was a project that blossomed from her ‘community project’ for her participation in the Pinup Doll Australia comp, which she took out the winning title for!
And the Retro Equality Project was born!
 I immediately raised my hand and sent an email to be involved! I am an avid believer in equal rights to marriage for all couples, regardless of sexual orientation and the chance to be involved in something to help bring that to the public eye to make people more aware that there are STILL couples in this country that cannot marry their loved one was something I felt very drawn to! I heard back from the lovely Cherry and planning began to setting up models together and shoots with photographers!
How the project worked was the lovely Cherry selected scenes around normal things that couples normally do together such as: go to the beach, shopping, going on a date, spending time in the kitchen because same sex couples do the same things heterosexual couples are characterized at doing! The twist being all of these were done with a pinup feel with 1950’s styling! I was paired with my partner for the shoots, fellow Australian pinup model and burlesque dancer Emma Jean Jackson who is a shining example (like the lovely Cherry) of what this project is all about!
The first shoot day was the group shoot! Which involved a picnic between couples and friends in the park! It was a great shoot day which resulted a lot of laughs between us all and I can give you the first sneak peak of that shoot and others today with the project’s first photo release!
The picnic scene!
Charlotte White 

Photographer: Exkyu Photography

Charlotte White
Photographer: Exkyu Photography
There were 3 couples involved in the shoots! The lovely ladies Lady Medusa and Charlotte White were the first couple, depicting adorable scenes of shopping together, sharing a bite of ice cream and a day at the beach!
Models: Lady Medusa and Charlotte White 

Photographer: Exkyu Photography


ModelsLady Medusa and Charlotte White

Photographer: Exkyu Photography

ModelsLady Medusa and Charlotte White

Photographer: Exkyu Photography

ModelsLady Medusa and Charlotte White

Photographer: Exkyu Photography

The second couple….
Who so far we’ve only been given a teaser of is the amazing founder of Retro Equality Miss Cherry Button and Naomi Hibberd! I’m excited to see more of these two in future picture releases!

Photographer: Shane Van Laar

And lastly…
The couple I was involved in! We had a great day shooting, there was a lot of good times and laughter, some of which involved needing a few minutes to compose ourselves! The first sneak peak I can share is one of the scenes we had the most fun in! Cooking!

Photographer: What A Big Camera

With this project GROWING as it grew momentum as images slowly begin to be released in the lead up to Mardi Gras, a calendar featuring scenes from this shoot now available for purchase and a photobook on the way as well as possible involvement in Mardi Gras, you’ll be sure to see more posts here about this incredible project!
I am so incredibly happy I got the opportunity to be involved in such an amazing project for such a truly amazing cause!
To support this cause you can do the following:
I will ask to please not repost any of these images without applying to proper credit to the project, the models and the photographers involved.


More to come as more about this amazing project is released!
Missi aka Miss Osiria Rose