Pretty Parrots with Miss Fortune UK


Spring is here in Australia and our sun is shining bright and the days are getting warmer. This means my knits have been moved into my “off season” wardrobe and I’ve been on the hunt for those fabulous prints that just scream spring so when Laura who is the creative drive and genius behind Miss Fortune contacted me about showcasing a new parrot skirt she had in the making, I knew it was the perfect match!

Flowers ~ Blue rose double from Daisy Jean
Brooch ~ Edward the Eastern Rozelle from Kaiju Candy
Top ~ Kitty Batwing top in red from Miss Fortune Uk
Skirt ~ Boardwalk Skirt Parrots in Flight Print from Miss Fortune UK
Shoes ~ Bordello mules

For those who aren’t familiar with Miss Fortune, it’s a wonderful UK based brand which is a mix of fun retro style pieces with a quirky flare. I first discovered Miss Fortune when Gwynnies (she has some in stock now too!) got in some of their Harlequin sweater tops and I made my first purchase. I’ve had the please a few times since of sharing some new designs from Miss Fortune with my followers! Now this skirt isn’t my first boardwalk skirt from Miss Fortune and it won’t be the last. Handmade by Laura, these skirts are a beautifully cut and made piece that makes a statement in any wardrobe. I was so excited when my Parrots skirt arrived in the post as the colours where even more vibrant in person.


The Parrots in Flight Boardwalk Skirt is a knee length gathered skirt made of border print cotton, which in this case is parrots. I love the fact that her skirts are cotton as they allow the fabric to breath, especially in our humid spring and summer days. The Border print of this skirt features a flock of parrots taking flight, with the bulk being at the bottom and I adore how these colourings work against the darker navy background. Miss Fortune skirts also feature a discrete pocket as well for your bits and bobs because lets be honest, what girl doesn’t love a skirt or dress with pockets?


The Boardwalk skirt also features a button and zip closure which is another feature I love as it helped give a good fit with a defined waist. This skirts colours also make it a versatile piece as I can pair it with a lot of different tops which will mean it can easily transition to winter too. I like as well that the gathered waist means I can wear it with or without a petticoat, as is still gives nice shape across the hips. A comfortable skirt in a breathable fabric with a fun print, I’m spring and summer ready!


For this review I also got to give one of Miss Fortune’s Batwing Kitty tops a go. Made of stretch Jersey, these tops are a great staple for the cooler months and go well with a variety of different looks. I must admit, as a girl who normally lends herself to tighter tops it took me a while to figure out how it was meant to look on! The joys of trying new styles we aren’t familiar with. But its definitely grown on me. The kitty top is also incredibly comfortable and the slit style opening means I can get in and out of it without worrying about trashing my makeup.


The Parrots take Flight Boardwalk skirt is £45.99/$ 78.84AU and the kitty top is £33.00/$56.57au + postage which when you take into account the exchange rate is an amazingly good price. Especially since these designs are hand sewn by Laura herself. Miss Fortune Uk is an amazing small business with such fun unique designs! I’ve also added this gorgeous skirt she recently added to the store to my must buy in 2018 list!

Til next time darlings!


Disclaimer: Whilst I received this set in collaboration with Miss Fortune UK, all opinions expressed are honest to help ensure the most accurate information for my readers.

Autumn spider webs with Miss Fortune UK

The weather down under has definitely snapped into winter in the past few weeks and I find myself more and more reaching for my knitwear as a way to keep warm without adding too many bulky layers. One of my favorite knitwear pieces is my Harlequin Bobby jumper from Miss Fortune UK (you can read my review of that jumper here). I love the short sleeve design as it keeps my warm while allowing me the option to regulate my temperature on my walk to and from the station. But knowing harlequin isn’t for everyone, I wanted to share another design that is perfect for gals that love to match their accessorises with their outifts.
Flowers ~ Orange Rose Double from Daisy Jean
Brooch ~ Lucite style spider pin from Luxulite
Sweater ~ Bobbie Jumper in Spice Pumpkin spider print from Miss Fortune UK
Skirt ~ Darling skirt in coral from Lady K Loves
Shoes ~ Lacey heels in cream from B.A.I.T footwear
For those that aren’t familiar with Miss Fortune, its a small brand run by the wonderful Laura out of the UK. Conceived in 2005, Laura started small running her business from her garage and selling online. In 2007 she got her first premises and began taking wholesale (with her stock being made locally in the UK) and is now stocked around the world.
The Bobbie jumper from Miss Fortune UK is one of my absolute favorite winter pieces. Inspired by vintage sweaters of the past, this piece is perfect for the repro loving vintage girl. Made from acrylic the bobbie is warm, it isn’t itchy (my absolute pet peeve of winter knitwear) and having some stretch makes it incredibly comfortable. One thing I do love about this jumper is that the spiderweb print is a collaboration was well with UK accessory brand Luxulite. Its so great to see brands working together to create such a fun product for their customers, especially since we all know pinup girls love to match!
The Bobbie jumpers in spiderweb print are block coloured with a spider web stitched into top right shoulder. I adore the pumpkin spice colourway as I already had a few goodies in my wardrobe I could already team it with. The spider web is subtle and the neutral colourway of the main colour makes it a dream to accessorise. I can play to the pumpkin colour or introduce a new one entirely. I like items that are versatile and for me, this sweater definitely ticks those boxes. This sweater is also a great addition for any halloween loving pinups, who like spooky items they can wear all year round!
The matching brooch is equally as adorable. Also made in the UK by small business Luxulite, who specialises in retro Lucite jewellery, this little spider is sparkly and with his gold legs is the perfect touch to this sweater. I like that he isn’t permanently attached to the sweater either, meaning you can move his placement around to suit your mood or take him off to wear with another look or this sweater on its own. A clever pairing indeed!
For size reference I wear a large in the Bobbie Jumpers and find it to be the perfect fit. The Bobbie does have a fair amount of stretch so make sure you consult the size chart before making your purchase, as the fit you want will dictate what size you should opt for. For a more fitted look its recommended to size down.
The Bobbie spiderweb jumper in pumpkin spice is also budget friendly for an Aussie gal, retailing at £37.99/$50.50AUD + postage! 
Also, if this colourway isn’t your jam, its also available in 
Bloody Mary Red, Ice Maiden Blue, Kiwi Green, Liquorice black and Strawberry Milkshake Pink.
The adorable matching spider brooch is available from Luxulite for $21.03AU + postage! You can also get different colours to mix and match your spiders.
I hope you’ve all enjoyed this review lovelies and have found a match that fits you with 
Miss Fortune!
Til next time!
Disclaimer: Whilst I received this sweater as part of a sponsorship with Miss Fortune Uk, all opinions expressed are honest to help ensure the most accurate information for my readers. 

Harbour dreams with Miss Fortune UK


I must admit, in the past few months I’ve definitely been bitten by the Wanderlust bug and I’ve found myself longing to go exploring far off places, which has never been something that has kind of been on my mind. I adore living in Australia and the amazing country it is. I’ve always been a little unsure of the outside world but find my curiosity grabbing me more and more and internally yelling that I need to go exploring. Sadly, internationally travel is quite a way off for me financially (Australia is so far away from everything except New Zealand lol) but that doesn’t mean I can’t live vicariously through my wardrobe!
Flowers ~ Blue rose Double from Daisy Jean Floral Designs
Earrings ~ Ingrid Retro Earrings in Antique Bronze from Daisy Jean Floral Designs
Necklace ~ Red beads from Debstar Designs
Brooch ~ Retro Brooch from Glitter Paradise
Blouse ~ Banned Apparel Dream Master Blouse from Gwynnies
Belt ~ Kmart
Skirt ~ Boardwalk Skirt Amsterdam from Miss Fortune UK
Shoes ~ Betty Sandals in Brown by Miss L Fire from Royal Vintage Shoes
The BoardwalkSkirt in the Amsterdam print from Miss Fortune UK is such a stunningly inspiring skirt. The mix tones of teals with reds, browns and blacks stirs thoughts of red bricks reflecting in cool water and bustling city. Now I’ve never been to Amsterdam, but it made me think of the section of Sydney that’s behind me which features the wharf theater and made me want to day dream about walking the streets of Amsterdam.


The boardwalkskirt is a gathered knee length skirt which features a slightly wider waistband than some of my other skirts, a wooden button closure with a side zip. The gorgeous skirt also features a pocket, which is a feature I absolutely adore. Made of cotton, this skirt is incredibly comfortable, breathes really well and can be worn year round. The gathered waist also makes it ideal to wear with or without a petticoat, as the gathering gives it shape on its own.



The pattern on this skirt is literally buildings mirrored in the water, indicative of the magic that is Amsterdam. The blend of different colours also makes it a styling dream, as there are so many different colours to play with and ways to accessorize this skirt. For this shoot I kept it simple, opting for a cream blouse to let the skirt really shine. I really want to wear it with some deep red tones next. It’s a dream to accessorize! This skirt is made to order and sits at 26 inches long and is available from a XS to an XXL. I’m wearing the 
large for this review, which sits at a 32 inch waist.


The BoardwalkAmsterdam skirt is available for £46.99 which equates to around $77.76 depending on the exchange rate plus postage. Miss Fortune does ship worldwide, which means no matter where you are you can bring some magic into your wardrobe too! I cannot wait to play around with this skirt more and I hope you’ve all loved it as much as I had. Shooting this against the backdrop of the wharfs was a dream, even if it meant almost getting splashed with the wake of a Ferry!


Til next time darlings!
Disclaimer: Whilst I received this skirt as part of a collaboration with Miss Fortune Uk, all opinions expressed are honest to help ensure the most accurate information for my readers. 

Milkshake Magic with Miss Fortune UK

I feel like the art of milkshake aesthetics had really disappeared somewhat in the early 2000’s. You look at old photos of girls in diners with beautifully crafted milkshakes, colours flecking the sides, a mound of cream on top with sometimes hundreds and thousands and often a cherry. In my teens, ordering a milkshake often meant getting it still in the metal mixing cup or in the most depressing paper cups ever. But I am wholeheartedly loving the resurgence of the retro diner in Australia which is bringing back rocking milkshakes, cute décor and 50’s feels. It was in one such diner I decided to show off the gorgeous Kasual Kate shirt in gingham from Miss Fortune UK.
Scarf ~ Baby blue Scarf from Daisy Jean Floral Designs
Earrings ~ Retro hoops in blue from luxulite
Beads ~ Baby blue necklace and bracelet from Debstar Designs
Brooch ~ Sundae brooch from Deer Arrow
Top ~ Kasual Kate Blouse in Gingham from Miss Fortune UK
Skirt ~ Charlotte Circle skirt in pink with box pleats from Mary Annes Boutique
Shoes ~ White Sandals by I love Billy
Miss Fortune UK is a brand I’ve featured bit on my blog this past month. The brainchild of Miss Laura, their bright retro pieces that are versatile, comfortable and above all fun are great additions for any retro girl who wants pieces they can wear different ways for create different looks. The Kasual Kate top is no exception! Since shooting for this review I’ve worn it with my Freddies jeans and loved it. It can be worn so many different ways and being pastels it’s a piece I know I’ll get a lot of wear out of!
The Kasual Kate top is a similar style to a bowling shirt. It’s got bigger sleeve openings for a comfortable fit, a white collar which contrasts beautifully against the pastel hues in the gingham and its long enough to tuck into a skirt, shorts or jeans. One feature I did love about this top is its press stud buttons make the possibilities for its wear endless  (I’m foreseeing a beach trip in my summer future!) and incredibly easy to wear, especially on those mornings when your brain hasn’t quite caught up yet and you find yourself fumbling with buttons at 7am.
The Kasual Kate blouse is designed to be worn loose and as a result the measurements are quite generous. I’m wearing the size medium which fits me perfectly. I also love that due to the loose fit of the top I can wear it with or without foundations, having worn it both with just a bullet bra as well as a corset as well. It’s fun, flattering and comfortable. Being 100% cotton too it lets your skin breath, which is a feature I love as a person with sensitive skin. It will also mean it is a good option for ladies who live in warmer climates who need their clothes to be breathable!
As a pastel lover, I do truly adore this colour way of the Kasual Kate top. There is so much I can already accessorise and match this top with in my wardrobe (totally looking forward to teaming it with my capris!) and pink and blue and my favourite pastels to work with. For this shoot I teamed it with my Mary Anne’s Boutique hot pink circle skirt! It gives the top such a 1950’s vibe that went perfectly with the pastel hues of the Daisy’s Milk Bar, where I shot for this review! I honestly cannot recommend this top enough!
Even better though, if gingham isn’t your thing this top comes in 3 other patterns! It’s also available in a retro bowling print, cherry print and a mid-century pattern. All with the same great features, these other prints are great options for ladies who aren’t pink fans. I’m personally also loving the mid century print. I love earthy tones almost as much as I love pastels and the fabric used truly is gorgeous.
 The Kasual Kate shirt is yours for just $68.50AUD + postage, depending on the exchange rate on the day. They also offer worldwide shipping so all my readers outside of Australia can snap themselves one of these gorgeous tops too!
I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s review! You can find Miss Fortune in the following places as well:
I’ve loved being able to collaborate with Miss Fortune UK and bring you some fun retro looks from their range! I hope you’ve all enjoyed it as much as I have enjoyed sharing it with you all!
Til next time darlings!
 Disclaimer: Whilst I received this top as part of a collaboration with Miss Fortune Uk,  all opinions expressed are honest to help ensure the most accurate information for my readers. 

Fruity fun with Miss Fortune UK

Being a pinup who works in an office, I’m forever on the hunt for work appropriate pinup clothes that I can wear to work. Blouses in pinup patterns and retro cuts are constantly high on my list as I find them to be incredibly versatile and fun, while still allowing me to have my individual flare when I’m at work. I knew straight away I’d love the Polly Blouse in pineapple print from Miss Fortune UK. The pattern is fun, the cut is cute and who doesn’t love those summery colours!
Flowers ~ Tropical Bundle from Daisy Jean Floral Designs
Brooch ~ Green Lucite Palm Tree Brooch from Glitter Paradise
Blouse ~ Polly Blouse in Pineapple from Miss Fortune UK
Skirt ~ Red Joan Skirt by Hell Bunny
Shoes ~ Lacey Heels from
Royal Vintage Shoes 

The thing I think I love most about this blouse, is how softly feminine it looks. The cut of the sleeves flatters the arms and allows for ample movement, the scoop style neckline allows for the neck and chest to be shown with a beautiful softness. I like the bow detailing as it’s not a hindrance: the ends are sewn down so they don’t move around a lot and get in the way but it’s still a pretty feature. This combined with the softer colors, makes it a perfect blouse for ladies who like a softer touch to their styling.
The Polly blouse if made of out soft X fabric and is machine washable (I prefer to wash mine on a delicate cycle) and it is incredible comfortable on the skin. As a lady who suffers from sensitive skin, this blouse is great to wear in warmer weather as the fabric is light enough it allows your skin to breath. Another feature I love of this dress is that it pulls over the head, no zip or buttons. I find for me personally, with my bigger hips shirts with zips can sometimes bunch at the bottom. This top is easy to pull on and off without the zip and it leaves it sitting nicely throughout the day.
This blouse is also incredibly versatile to style! While the collar is formal enough to wear to work, it’s also informal enough to wear with casual clothes. I’d love to experiment more with this style in the warmer months with shorts as well as trying to pair it with jeans. I feel like it would also look SUPER cute with overalls as well. I’m wearing the size medium and found it to be the perfect fit!
For this shoot I decided to style this blouse as I would wear it for work, as now days that’s where I wear 99% of my nice clothes. I love the balance of a strong colour block skirt with this blouse. I feel like it really helps lift the colours and give them life. Since the pattern is such a statement, I kept my brooch simple and went with my small green palm tree brooch from Glitter Paradise, as it ties in with the pineapples beautifully. Tropical colours in my hair flower also help this look pop!
This gorgeous blouse retails for £35.99 which comes to around $62.00AUD depending on the day. For top this is a reasonable price and its one that I’ll personally be wearing again and again. Miss Fortune also offer a big range of different shipping options to suit all needs! Standard untracked is £5.75/$10.02AUD. International signed is £10.25/$17.86AU and International tracked is £10.25/$17.86AU for this shirt as well. Amounts may vary depending on the size of your order. Miss Fortune do ship worldwide and have a fun range of different styles in stock! The polly blouse also comes in animal print.
I hope you’ve all enjoyed this blog post! I loved styling this top for my photos!
Til next time darlings!
Disclaimer: Whilst I received this top as part of a collaboration with Miss Fortune UK, all opinions expressed are honest to help ensure the most accurate information for my readers. 

Casual Retro Glamour with Miss Fortune UK

I’ve always had an incredible love hate relationship with winter. While I definitely prefer cooler weather to hotter weather, winter can sometimes er on being too cold. So this year, when autumn snapped in quick in the last two weeks of the season, I started hunting for some warmer weather pieces that could help me still look stylish but stay warm over winter. So when I saw the Miss Fortune Bobbie Jumper in blue, pink and white in stock at Gwynnies, I knew I needed it in my wardrobe!

Miss Fortune is a retro clothing brand hauling from the UK. The creation of UK gal Laura who started Miss Fortune in 2005 with her first physical store opening in 2008. Since then Miss Fortune has grown to be a brand that is recognised around the world and stocked as far as Australia, all the way down south. With a strong Rockabilly vibe her clothes are fun, bright and have character.

Scarf ~ Baby pink scarf from Daisy Jean Floral Designs
Earrings ~ Pink retro hoops from Luxulite
Beads ~ Blue necklace & bracelet from Debstar Designs
Brooch ~ Milkshake brooch from Deer Arrow
Top ~ Bobbie jumper by Miss Fortune from Gwynnies
Jeans ~ Black Lana Jeans from Freddies of Pinewood
Saddle Shoes From Royal Vintage Shoes

My bobbie jumper arrived quickly (as is normal with shopping with gwynnies) and I was so excited to see that the colours were as vibrant in the pictures and the fabric was comfortable and not scratchy. I was delighted to find it amazing on days where it was cool but not too cool for a lot of layers. It allowed for a balance of warm and cold. It is always incredibly comfortable to wear. I’ve worn it both with and without a top underneath and found it comfortable both ways. Its also great as a jumper on days where you want a splash of colour with your outfit and just to keep warm.

I bought the size medium, which going off the size chart was my size and it fit perfectly. The bobbie jumper does have a fair bit of stretch to it too which is something I absolutely love. The sleeves are also stretchy, which is great for gals who have issues with things being tight on their upper arms. 

The pattern is what drew me to this adorable jumper. I adore harlequin. I own multiple harlequin pieces already, but nothing that is warm enough for the cooler weather. Its such a classic 50’s style and looks great with a skirt, jeans, shorts or even over a dress! The colours make this jumper incredibly versatile and fun to style and in the times I’ve worn it so far, I’ve got a lot of compliments from people. This adorable jumper also comes in other colourways, with the mustard colours high on my wishlist due to its more 1940s feel!

I bought my jumper in Australia from Australian stockist Gwynnies from $54.99AUD + postage. If you aren’t in Australia you can buy direct from Miss Fortune for £37.99 + postage! If you are after a fun, versatile and warm piece this jumper is definitely one to

add to your wardrobe!
I hope you’ve all enjoyed this post! Expect more coming from Miss Fortune this coming month!
A big thank you to Daisy’s Milk Bar for letting me pop in and take some photos at their gorgeous retro 
Til next time darlings!!