Peachy perfect with Le Keux Cosmetics

While I am a 1940s-1950s girl at heart, I do sometimes like to dabble in the 1960s for something a bit different. Whereas my love of earlier eras means I red lipstick is my staple, I knew the moment I saw the Peachy Keen Lip Paint from Le Keux is was perfect for a fun 1960s casual look. So I thought I’d let you all know about the Le Keux lip paint (you can read my review of their Cadillac liner and pinup powder here).

Le Keux is a company based out of a hair and styling salon in England that make pinup cosmetics. Their lip paints are great for their versatility. They can be mixed together to make a variety of different colours and can be worn as a gloss, a matte or even a blush. So I thought I’d show you my favorite way to wear my Le Keux lip paint in the colour Peachy Keen!

Dip your’re finger in
Rub in circular motions on the cheek bones til blended
Rub in circular motions on the cheek bones til blended
One cheek done, now repeat on the other side

 To apply the lip paint as a blush, you simply dab your finger into the into the paint, apply on your cheek and blend in circular motions until blended in. The peachy keen gives a lovely subtle pink glow to the cheeks which is great for not just 1960s looks but also 1950s floral looks. To help set it I like to top it with the Pinup Powder.

Using the Le Keux pinup powder
Setting the lip paint with the Pinup Powder

For this 1960s look I opted to also do some very light contouring, using a light brown powder and a highlighter on either side.

Some very light contouring to help complete the look.
Cheeks are done!

 Now onto the lips! My favorite way to apply my Le Keux Lip Paint with to double layer with their Pinup powder inbetween. I find this personally gives me the coverage to only need to lightly touch up but also gives the colour a bit of an extra colour pop! The lip paint isn’t like a liquid lipstick and doesnt’ dry matte, however can be made to appear matte if desired. You will need to touch up the inside of the lips after meals though!

Apply layer one with lip brush
First layer done

If you do prefer a gloss finish, this is what a single layer looks like on. A gorgeous soft pink perfect for spring and summer! To double the layers I blot with tissue, I then use the pinup powder to set the lip paint. This helps give it a very matte finish. Again it can be left here or this step can be redone at the end to make this lip colour matte.

Blot first layer with tissue
Using the Le Keux Pinup Powder to set the lip paint
Using the Le Keux Pinup Powder to set the lip paint

Now I just add the final layer of the lip paint again with the lipstick brush. I do adore the soft pastels of this lip colour and really want to wear it more next spring, as I’m hoping to make some 1960s style looks this colour will go amazingly with!

Apply the second layer


Apply the second layer


The final look!

So here is the final look! The colour of Peachy Keen is subtle and very pretty. While it does need to be touched up as I said earlier, I found as long as I powdered my lips prior to application there as no issues with bleeding. Le Keux cosmetics also come in the prettiest packaging as well as smelling lovely. And who doesn’t love a cosmetic that can do more than one thing! I’ve found it comfortable to wear and it doesn’t dry out my lips, which is something I’m prone to.

Scarf ~ Pink Scalloped scarf from Doll Me Up Inc
Earrings ~ Shell earrings from Revere Folie
Top ~ Beach Bash tee by Atomic Swag from Gwynnies


I hope you’ve all enjoyed this review! Don’t forget, you can use coupon CURVECREATION10 to get 10% off any cosmetics you order from Le Keux!

Til next time darlings!
Disclaimer: Whilst I received these items in a collaboration from Le Keux Cosmetics, all opinions expressed are honest to help ensure the most accurate information for my readers. 

Pinup Flicks with Le Keux Cosmetics

Wearing Pinup Powder, Cadillac eyeliner and Whistle Bait Lip paint
Looking back, I find myself swelling with pride at how much my makeup skills have come along in the past few years. I come from a family where make up wasn’t really worn. My mum worked in roles that didn’t allow make up and as such, I never really felt much drive to wear more than a swirl of lip-gloss growing up. I kind of fumbled through most of my early 20’s, still without a clue and not wearing much make up until I got into dressing retro. Looking back at my first make up attempts from my baby pinup days I can’t help but giggle: I was a novice with eyeliner, I didn’t wear lipstick as I found it too intimidating and wore a translucent powder as a foundation. I’ve certainly come a LONG way since then and wanted to start sharing more of my makeup journey with you all as well as make up reviews! I felt the best way to do this was to share now only on my YouTube, as I was previously doing but also on my blog! So this week I wanted to share some goodies with you all that I recently got sent by Le Keux Cosmetics!
Lip Paints in: peachy keen, Cherry Bomb and Whistle Bait. Cadillac eyeliner and pinup powder
Le Keux Cosmetics are a UK based cosmetic brand which make paraben free and cruelty free cosmetics with a retro vibe. Beautifully packaged and each with a lovely subtle smell, these will definitely give your dressing table a touch of glamour. They arrived quickly in the post from the UK, wrapped up in a hot pink mailer bag which caused the postman much amusement and me a lot of excitement. For my first review I decided to share my thoughts first on the Pin Up Powder and Cadillac eyeliner as I wanted to review the lip paints separately, as there are a few different ways to wear them!
Fresh Faced
Liquid foundation and Pinup Powder applied
Liquid Foundation applied


As my previous setting powder had just run out, I was super excited to give the Pin Up Powder a try. I was super excited to open up the box and find the pretties packaging inside. Size wise this powder container fits in the palm of my hand and is a pretty pink colour. When you open this container it features a sealing top under the lid, to help stop you spilling your powder and the powder itself has a soft smell to it that is really quite pleasant. I personally like to apply this powder with a powder brush and a little definitely goes a long way. I found it wore well and I didn’t get oily through it by the end of the day either, which is something that’s super important to me! It also held up well against my morning walk to the station, which can normally REALLY trash my makeup. I also haven’t reacted to it, which is another plus as my skin is quite sensitive. I now jump between wearing this powder and my other one, depending on the look I want to get.  Definitely something I’ll keep on wearing!
Brows and shadow applied. Time to Apply the Cadillac Liner
Cadillac Liner Applied
Cadillac Liner Applied
 I will admit, the Cadillac liner took me a little while to get used to using. My first attempt was disastrous as I didn’t read the instructions on the packaging which was totally my bad. After some investigation and seeing where I went wrong I re-tried to delightful success. The Cadillac liner is high pigment liner, which is a bold black. To activate the liner, you need to swirl your brush (which I didn’t do initially!) and evenly coat your brush before applying. I found using both a liner brush and an angled brush gives me the best results. This liner wears well and I found it had minimal smudging throughout the day. To increase its long life you can even set it with the Pin Up Powder, which also gives it a more ‘matte’ finish. For someone who is completely new to liner, this product may take a little getting used. As someone a bit more practiced with liner, once I got the hang of the angled brush I didn’t find I had any problems applying it.
Complete look with Pinup Powder, Cadillac Liner and Lip Paint in Whistle Bait. 
The finished look when teamed with the Le Keux lip paints is a strong pinup look. As I said before, I’ll be reviewing the lip paints in a separate review as they have multiple wears that I wanted to cover in greater detail! To finish this look I teamed it with the colour Whistle Bait, which is one I’ve been wearing a fair bit of late! Overall I’m super happy with my goodies from Le Keux and cannot wait to try different styling combos and add to my collection. For gals who love a bold pinup look, this is a brand to look at!
I hope you’ve all enjoyed this review and I’ll be doing a YouTube video of the application of these goodies soon! Also, for my followers! If you use coupon CURVECREATION10 you’ll get 10% off your own Le Keux goodies!
Til next time darlings!
Disclaimer: Whilst I received these items in a collaboration from Le Keux Cosmetics, all opinions expressed are honest to help ensure the most accurate information for my readers. 

Vintage Glamour ~ Rouge Lipstick by Style By Divine

Earlier this year I discovered the make up line by Newcastle Beautician and make up artist Stephanie when I bought my first lipstick from her in the colour Merlot and I simply fell in love the with colour and wear of that lipstick! She was kind enough to include some samples of her other colours in my parcel and there was one colour in particular I was loving. So when I saw she was having a sale on recently, I decided it was time to add a second to my collection.
Style By Divine Lipstick in colour Rouge is such a beautiful color lipstick! Her lipsticks are high pigment matt and my favorite aspect is that they contain goodies like Shea butter, coconut oil and beeswax to help stop you lips drying out! This lipstick wears beautiful AND comfortably, which for me is a big deal. There is nothing more annoying than dry sore lips! For me the colour Rouge screams glam and I honestly cannot wait to wear it on a night out or to a fancy function. Its such a stunning rich colour that truly makes the mouth the centre of attention!


Just as with my Merlot lipstick, I found this lipstick had incredible wear throughout the day, even with eating and drinking. It stays well, even after meals (as long as you are careful!) and I find that eating doesn’t make it flakey, which is something I don’t like with some other brands of lipstick. One thing to be mindful of is that it will transfer if you aren’t careful when eating. I purposely didn’t reapply today to show you the wear of a single application. One thing I like about this lipstick as well is that it doesn’t stain your lips after you remove it, which can be awkward for someone like me who overdrawers their top lip!
This lipstick is also super easy to apply and I only really need to tidy my edges with my lipstick brush.
Style By Divine’s lipsticks are manufactured in Australia and are cruelty free, having not been tested on animals which is absolutely awesome. These lipsticks are also super affordable at just $20AUD + postage. Stephanie is also incredibly quick to post things and when I purchased this lipstick I even had it the on the Monday after it was posted on Friday!
Her packaging on her lipsticks is also of a high grade. I’ve had no issues with lids coming off in my handbag and they come beautifully packaged in their own small box. Also when you purchase yourself one of these lipsticks you are supporting a small Australian business, which is something I love doing! To order, simply check out her website and drop her an email listing the items you want. Payments are made via paypal!
Thats all for today darlings! I hope you’ve enjoyed this review of this gorgeous lipstick. I had a lot of fun taking the photos for this blog!
As always, I’m happy to answer any questions you may have in the comments or on my Instagram!
Until next time darlings!

Memorising Merlot ~ Lipstick by Style by Divine

Hello Darlings!
So I’ve finally got some lighting for my indoor photos sorted which means I can start reviewing smaller things like cosmetics and what not with quality photos! This is something I’m incredibly excited about!
My first proper make up review is on the Merlot lipstick from Style by Divine.


I’ve been a long time follower of Stephanie on social Media like Instagram and facebook, as she used to work at Australian Pin Up Store Miskonduct and this was how I found her myself.  Located in Newcastle Australia, she has since left Miskonduct to focus on growing her own small business based around vintage hair/make up styling, beauty and now her own cosmetics line. I’d previously bought some McArthur Skin Care products from her, to help better manage my incredibly sensitive skin, which have been amazing.
 As someone who is forever hunting for new lipstick shades to use in my outfits, I was incredibly excited when I saw she was releasing her own range of cosmetics. I dropped her a message and ordered her new Lipstick in Merlot, as I’d been after a more pinky red for days I didn’t want the bold reds of my Besame Cosmetics Shades.
It was shipped the day after ordering and I had it within 3 days of making my purchase, even with regular postage! The colour was gorgeous even within the tube and I’ve worn it a few times now before this review so I can give my most accurate feedback on this product!
Colour swatch of Merlot by Style By Divine
The colour came through as a very pretty blend of a darker red and a pink. It went on very smooth with ease and I was able to apply it with my usual straight from the stick and then outlining with a lipstick brush afterwards. It texture is quite creamy and while it is a ‘matte’ lipstick, I found it creamier and with more shine than some of my other matte lipstick products.  I tend to wear my lipsticks without a lip liner most days (I currently only have a red liner so need to expand my colour base there) and still found this lipstick sat well with minimal bleed, which is fantastic as bleeding is something I normally have issues with. It also didn’t dry my lips out throughout the day, which is something I always feel is important (because dry cracked lips are never fun!)
The colour was perfect for some of my more 1940’s style outfits and I found it was also a good option for days when I didn’t want something overly bold but something that wasn’t a light colour or a pastel.  It has a creamy texture which does mean it will transfer if touched, but I found it stayed quite well even after eating with minimal movement outside of my lip area. I took progress photos of its wear throughout a day to demonstrate its wear below (please excuse my somewhat awkward lip positions, my lips are something I’ve never really photographed before!). As you can see, even though it did come off a but through the middle, I was able to eat 3 meals before it even began to bleed at the edges, which in my opinion is a total win!


I’ve also found it to be an incredibly versatile colour to style! Here are 4 different wasn’t I’ve worn the same lipstick in the past week and a half! Its such a beautiful colour and definitely one I can see myself wearing a lot in the future!
All of Stephanie’s cosmetics are made in Australia and not tested on animals and are a cruelty free product. I paid $20AUD for my lipstick as well as regular postage costs. Its so great to see a local Australian business bringing such lovely products to the Australian Pinup Scene, especially with how expensive buying from overseas can be atm with the poor Australian Dollar. I’d highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a nice basic lipstick that wears well and is well made. I simply love mine and can see it getting a lot of wear in my wardrobe!
I hope you’ve all enjoyed this review and I look forward to hopefully bringing you more like this in the future! If you have any questions I’m more than happy to answer them, simply leave it on my Instagram post about this review or pop it in the comments below!
You can find Stephanie at the below places!
Til next time darlings!