Pinup Life: How to build a wardrobe living in Australia

Disclaimer: As an Australian pinup I can only share my experiences about the cost of pinup from the perspective of an Australian and our very similar New Zealand neighbors. Obviously other countries do face similar issues, however I can only share experiences from my own perspective. As a plus size girl in Australia, I find true vintage to be crazy expensive so haven’t included it in this list.


Pinups down under know that living a pinup lifestyle can be expensive, along with pretty much everything else. With Sydney and Melbourne ranking in the place of fifth and sixth most expensive places to live in the world, its no wonder why. So ontop of our generally high cost of living our poor dollar value against the US/Pound/Euro coupled with our sheer distance from the two primary hubs of the pinup world (being the UK and the US) means entering into the pinup lifestyle can be a costly venture, moreso than I think our Northern Hemisphere counterparts could ever fully comprehend. So I wanted to share my tips and tricks on how I built up my pinup wardrobe on a budget and little hacks I still do now to help add new goodies into my closet without breaking the bank as an Aussie gal!

Get Familiar with Local Stores and Stockists

While we may be far away from most of the big name pinup brands down under, a lot of local stores do carry some of the brands we know and love. I love shopping local when I can and I really encourage people to reach out to their local pinups stores here in Australia, support their business and work with them to better suit you. For example, Afterpay/Zippay is an amazing way to make buying clothes a bit more budget friendly here in Australia. You can always ask about potential layby if they don’t offer either. Many of these stores can also order in for you from certain brands as well, even if they don’t stock things. Some of my favorite local stores to buy from are:

Just to name some of my favorite local stores to buy pinup goodies from!

Buy local Brands!

While we don’t have a MASSIVE amount of local pinup brands here in Australia, we do have SOME and many of these brands I know would love the support of the local community.

Some of my favorite local businesses are:

Sign up to Newsletters & follow social media accounts


When I first got into pinup I viewed newsletters as clutter. Now days they really help dictate my shopping. Newsletters are a great way to hear about sales and discounts on items! Especially from pricier brands. I’ve managed to nab myself many items at a discount through this method and most give you an initial discount code just for signing up, like this Unique Vintage newsletter does. Also sign up to their social media accounts. Newsletters really are a great tool for keeping upto date on sales and specials you might have missed on social media (because algorithms can suck).

Shop Around

See an item you love directly on a brands website but see it’s a bit expensive? Most pinup brands are stocked by multiple stores around the world and you can often find the item at a local store or cheaper rate by google searching the item by name. I’ve managed to nab many items at a cheaper postage rate or at a cheaper price this way and it’s a method I strongly recommend! This is also a great tool if the store is out of stock in the item you want!

Plan Ahead!

There are a few big shopping ‘dates’ in the pinup world that I have marked in my calendar and I try to put away some money in the lead up to these dates to help me get a little bit extra. This ties into signing up to newsletters and following accounts on social media, if you see a release you’re interested in mark it down and plan for it! It definitely helps the wallet out later!

Join Pinup Buy Swap Sell Pages on Facebook

Buy Swap Sell pages are often overlooked but are an absolutely amazing resource for finding unicorns and getting items at good prices. I’ve sold myself on buy swap sell pages as well as bought from them too. You can find everything from accessories to clothing and shoes on buy swap sell pages and for ladies on budgets these are a treasure trove of goodies. My biggest advice to ladies is to always send their payments as a payment for goods, not to friends as this way you’re covered if there’s ever an issue and to only ever send items after payment has been received. I’m part of a number of these groups that are generic ‘pinup’ sell pages as well as brand specific pages.

Learn to Navigate Ebay

Ebay is another great resource for purchasing second hand pinup goodies, if you know how to search correctly! As a rule of thumb I stay away from pinup clothes coming from china as most are crap knock offs of better brands.  I have a followed search list that’s done by brand name instead of a generic “pinup” search. So for example it reads: collectif, voodoo vixen, tatyana boutique, Bernie dexter etc. I also have notifications of new listings on my favorite brands turned on so I don’t miss things.

Get to know your local small businesses

Aside from a few brands now days, I pretty much get most of my accessories from Australian businesses. This is not only to support their business, but it also means I’m not fighting a crap exchange rate and having a wait a small lifetime for my items to arrive. Australia has some fabulous small businesses in the accessories department! I’ve listed some of my fav’s below!

Brooches (ones I can think of)

I get all my beads from Debstar Designs

Hair flowers I tend to wear my own business Daisy Jean Floral Designs

Fashion headwear from Doily Delightz

Deluxe Creations makes amazing resin jewellery as does Birdie and Star

Sales and savings!

There are some items, such as shoes, that no matter how you cut it they’re gonna be expensive. This is due to a mix of the exchange rate and the cost of shipping bulkier things. There are certain items I’ll hold off getting til the EOFY sale, Black Friday sales or Christmas/boxing day sales hit as you can generally snag things for a pretty good price! But remember to be quick with these sorts of things, especially during black Friday as pieces do tend to sell out fast during these sales. I do make a habit too to always check the sale section on stores too. You can find gems there too. Another good find is the Zulily page, especially for things like Chelsea Crew and BAIT shoes as final sale styles as well as sometimes pinup clothes which are often listed there for a super cheap price with super cheap postage!

Look at using a forwarding service.

This is something I’m considering using during my black Friday sales to help reduce my postage costs! There are services, especially in the US which allow you to have your parcels send to them, where they then correlate your orders into one parcel and ship at a cheaper rate. After a lot of research I opted to try shipmate for this which is run directly through Australia Post. This can really help cut down the postage costs and make brands with crazy high postage rates an easier purchase.

Pool shipping with friends

Another way to reduce costs of shipping, especially if its a flat rate is to get your girlfriends together if you all want to order from the same place and put in an order together. That way shipping is split multiple ways instead of just one. This is a great way as well to share the rush of shopping with your friends too, which come on we all secretly love!

Read bloggers reviews!

As a blogger this may appear to be shameless self promotion but please hear me out! A lot of bloggers, when they collaborate with brands are given coupon codes and discount codes to pass on to their followers. So not only are you supporting someone who puts a lot of effort into sharing, you can also get yourself a saving too. So don’t just subscribe newsletters, but blogs too!

Final note

I would like to add a final note on the differences I’ve found between fast fashion and pinup clothing. I view my pinup clothing as an investment. Over the years I’ve become better at knowing which brands are of a higher quality that I don’t mind paying more for. I’m still wearing certain pieces I purchased a couple of years ago and I find as long as I take care of my clothes properly (delicate wash cycle, worn in rotation) I get a large lifespan out of my pinup clothes. I know the difference in cost between fast fashion and retro fashion can be daunting but unlike fast fashion pinup items don’t go out of style. As long as you love them and enjoy wearing them, that’s all that matters.

I hope you’ve all found this to be helpful! I’ve tried to include the tips and tricks I still use today!

Til next time darlings!


Tiki Magic with Pinup Girl Clothing

We all know I love tiki. I think it comes from my love of the beach growing up. While I don’t get there anywhere near as much as I used to (thanks to adult life of work and running a small business) I still love sun, surf and water. I guess for me tiki is almost the pinup equivalent of celebrating things I love. Now I was unlucky enough to miss out on the amazing parrot tiki pants in PUG’s last tiki capsule and when I saw the awesome print of this releases trousers, like HELL I was missing out a second time. I parted ways with some things I hadn’t worn in forever and snapped myself up the HighWaisted Trousers in orange tiki print and the Harley top in Orange
Scarf ~ Baby Blue Nylon Scarf from Daisy Jean Floral Designs
Hoops ~ Hollywood Hoops from Retro Resins
Brooch ~ Large Dew Drops brooch from Dottie Delite
Top ~ Orange Harley top from Pinup Girl Clothing
Pants ~ High Waisted Trousers in Orange Tiki Print from Pinup Girl Clothing
Shoes ~ Wooden Tiki mules by Pinup Couture (bought on ebay)

I was beyond excited when my parcel arrived just 3 days after placing my order. The speed of Fedex boggles my mind sometimes (I’m using to dealing with Australia Post) and the colours in the print were even prettier in person. The orange was definitely a great match, though I was originally a bit hesitant about the orange Harley due to not being sure I could style it with more (seemy how I styled it post here!).  The first thing I noticed, was that despite going off the size chart and getting the Large,  I was going to have the same issue with the Harley top as I had all those moons ago when I tried on a Harley dress: my shoulders are too small. While it fit me well on my waist, it was slightly too big in the bust and the shoulder section actually sat above my shoulders slightly as oppose to sitting on them (I really pulled and pulled it down to get it to sit right for this shoot, but it made it bunch around my waist).
Thankfully, this isn’t too big of an issue, my super padded bra did help with the bust size but I doubt I’ll buy another Harley top outside of this one. Its sad, they are great tops but I’m finding more and more that as a small busted gal with a bigger bottom half, there are some styles that are difficult on my shape. This is one of them. As I have similar issues with peasant tops (my shoulders are very rounded which means peasant tops end up halfway down my arms, making them not appropriate for a job that requires covered shoulders) so I picked a lesser of two evils. At least I don’t have to worry about straps or sleeves sliding down on this one!
So body size/fit issues aside, this top is beautifully made. The straps are thick and can take a bit of strain for the bigger busted gals. Its lined and features a back zip for easy and comfortable wear. Because of my bigger hips, I do find the zip bunches a little at the bottom but it’s nothing major. The colour is super vibrant in person and is definitely more versatile than I initially expected. I’d recommend sizing up if you are between sizes though, as there isn’t much stretch in the fabric. But pear girls with smaller busts, be mindful that the fit will be a bit tricky. On a quick side note, a neat little trick for hiding bra straps with this is to wear a halter bra and pop a small hoop on the inside of either bust so you can tuck your strap into this hoop, which pulls it out of sight!
I had a bit more success with the fit of the pants. I own a pair of the High Waisted Trousers already but I know they have a bit of stretch to them from wear the past few years, so I opted to size up to the XL to play it safe. I’m glad I did. While they fit really well everywhere, the waist is loose. I knew this would be the case when I bought them and once my weight settles a bit more (those who follow me on Instagram know I’m currently in the process of dropping the excess weight I gained over the last 18 months) I’ll get some darts put in the waist. Its an easy fix. 
One feature I do love about these trousers is the back zip and elastic in the waistband at the back. It makes them a comfortable fit with a seamless from.  These pants are going to be such a fun pair over summer. These aren’t too thick which means I should be able to wear them in summer without much of a fuss. I’m excited to try and style it with other tops that aren’t orange, as the print allows for such versatility!
These gorgeous tiki pants retail for $88USD which equates to around $115.54AUD, depending on the day and the exchange rate. The Harley top (which comes in a variety of colours) retails for $66USD which equates to around $81.40AUD, depending on the day and the exchange rate. Despite the slight fit issues I absolutely adore this outfit and I cannot wait to wear it more and style the other pieces different ways!
I hope you’ve enjoyed this review lovelies! As always, I’m more than happy to answer any questions you may have in the comments or on my other social media for this review!
Til next time darlings!

Standing tall in Miss L Fire Lila heels from Royal Vintage Shoes

Its not secret I’ve become a bit obsessed with the 1940s era of clothing. I may have mentioned it once…twice…multiple times online and on this blog space! Its an era of a simple glamour about its ladies that I absolutely adore and while I am incredibly anti-war, I find the notion that these women stepped up to the plate to help get their nations through a time of hardship to be incredibly inspiring. As I’m starting to build my 1940s wardrobe a bit more, I honestly couldn’t go past the incredible Lila 1940s platform heels from Royal Vintage Shoes, made by Miss L Fire.


I was so excited when these pretty shoes arrive in the box for me, all the way from the big USA. These are my second pair of Miss L Fire shoes, which without a doubt are the best pair of shoes I currently own!. So comfortable, practical and easy to wear I so super pumped for my next pair. The first thing I noticed was the height. After trotting around in my Betty sandals for most of the summer I suddenly felt like a giant! The height did take some getting used to but once I did I felt unstoppable.
Flowers ~ Red Rose Double from Daisy Jean Floral Designs
Snood ~ Ebay
Brooch ~ Jubly Umph
Dress ~ Word from the bird
Firstly, lets talk about that all important breaking in period! You will need stockings for the first 4 or so wears. I personally found that on the third wear they gave my blisters around the ankle strap on the inside, but after another wear in stockings the inside fabric on the strap has softened enough to stop that happening. Aside from that I had no issues during the wear in period. No blisters around the back of the ankle and none in the front toe section. Incredibly comfortable from the word go.
Next up: detailing. The construction and detailing of these shoes is incredible! The front is black velvet featuring a small knot at the top of the foot. The heel base and platform are covered in small silver dots! How absolutely adorable is that! Such a great understated shoe that could easily be both formal and casual.
I did find the fit of these to be slightly bigger than my Betty Sandals. I bought the 7.5, which is the same size as my other Miss L Fire but find they do slip a bit on my smaller foot. While they do run a little big, I feel sizing down would have made them too small and its nothing a jelly insert in the back of the smaller heel cannot fit!
The price of these shoes, considering the quality, amazing construction and comfort is very reasonable. These babies price in at $120US which is $166AUD or 85 British pounds). Until I got my first pair of Miss L Fire shoes I was somewhat sceptical of their price but I can honestly say these shoes are in investment. Not only will the last but your feet will honestly thank you, especially if you are someone like me who gets a lot of tension and cramps in their feet when their feet aren’t supported properly! Royal Vintage Shoes ships worldwide as well, so all ladies can have incredible shoes!
Also can we just take a quick moment to admire how beautiful this vintage dress is! Its my first ever vintage 1940s dress and I think I am honestly in love. I was unsure about the pleats originally but now I think they look amazing! Excited for Autumn to wear this baby! A big thank you to Word from the Bird which is where I purchased it from! Her vintage store is amazing and she stocks bigger sizes!
If you loved my little Jubly Umph brooch, keep your eyes peeled for a blog post of her new range on my blog over the weekend!
Thank you all so much for reading, I hope you’ve enjoyed it!
Til next time darlings!
I hope you all enjoyed this
Disclaimer: Whilst I received these shoes as part of a sponsorship with Royal Vintage Shoes, all opinions expressed are honest to help ensure the most accurate information for my readers. 

Put some Spring in your summer ~ The Belinda Skirt and Melissa top from Hell Bunny

Hello darlings!
Its summer right now here in Aussieland and its honestly been a scorcher this year. Not only has it been hot but the humidity has been an absolute KILLER! I’m talking sweaty before you even put clothes on after you hopped out of the shower kind of humid. In short, as a pinup, its sucked and I’ve really been trying to find clothes that are lighter in make to help my skin breath. I was so incredibly excited when Gwynnies got some of the newest Hell Bunny releases in stock, I knew I had to have them in my life!
As I’ve said before, I’m a sucker for floral prints. I’m also a sucker for pastels. More and more I’m adding pastels to my wardrobe, especially since going blonde because there’s just something about being blonde and wearing pastels that I love. I was super excited when my parcel arrived the next day and I was excited to see how pretty this skirt looked in person.


Flowers ~ Pink Rose Double from Daisy Jean Floral Designs
Necklace ~ Blue Beads from Debstar Designs
Brooch ~ Blue Wren Brooch from Erstwilder (discontinued)
Top belt & skirt ~ Melissa top in white, lilac retro belt and Belinda skirt from Hell Bunny bought from Gwynnies
Shoes ~ Halina shoes from Royal Vintage Shoes
So lets start with sizing! I bought the medium skirt which is my regular size in all hell bunny swing skirts. I’ve never had one that wasn’t true to size. The top I bought a medium, worried about the fit but found that it actually had a fair bit of stretch and easily could have sized down. The top actually completely opens, like a jacket zipper at the back which means no smudging make up on it when you try and get it on. 
Something to note about the skirt, as a lighter coloured skirt, the creases in this skirt do show up. Not as obviously as a plain coloured skirt but still a fair bit, especially if you sit a lot. I find the patterned fabric does make it not as obvious.
I was so excited when I saw the Melissa top! As a former redhead, I don’t have a whole lot of white tops. My hair used to transfer onto my tops and turn them pink, so I’m only now starting to buy more white tops now that I don’t have to worry about this transfer happening. I love the versatility of this top, it will be great for wearing with my other pastel skirts. The only downside to this top is that it is quite thin and if you aren’t wearing beige undergarments, they will show through the white.
The price of both of these items is very reasonable. $49.95AUD from gwynnies snaps you up this truly gorgeous skirt and the top is all yours for $35.00AUD. For such fun, versatile pieces that BREATH in this warm weather they are definitely worth the investment!
Thank you so much for reading this review! Sorry for not as many photos as usual, it was incredibly warm on my shoot afternoon and I’ve not been feeling 100%. Happy to answer any questions you may have on these gorgeous pieces!
Til next time darlings!

“Wit beyond measure is man’s greatest treasure” ~ Harry Potter Goodness and Saddle Shoes

Its only really been this year I realised I was a bit of a geek, though apparently it was no secret to everyone else in my life! I’ve always had a love for learning. Even now I try and learn something new every day. During my school years I chewed through books and documentaries. I don’t read anywhere near as much as I used to but I still chew through documentaries when I can! They are my background noise of choice when I’m working on stock for Daisy Jean. I love learning, I love finding out new things and I guess for that reason I’ve always felt a bit of an affinity with Ravenclaw as a house (hence my not so subtle tribute with my hair scarf). When my mum gifted me two Harry Potter tops for Christmas, I saw these as the perfect match for my new Saddle shoes from Royal Vintage Shoes!
Scarf ~ Closet Confessions Boutique
Top ~ Target
Skirt ~ Black Doris Skirt from Pin Up Girl Clothing
Shoes ~ Saddle Shoes from Royal Vintage Shoes
So saddle shoes. I know what you’re thinking…they aren’t exactly something that I’ve had a lot of in my wardrobe before now….in actual fact these are my first pair! Styling wise I’ve always been incredibly intimidated by this style of shoe because I just couldn’t figure out how to work them into my look. That and the fact I was a little worried they’d make my legs look short due to the colouring. But, with the purchase of my first pair of Freddies of Pinewood Jeans (which with the help of healthy eating are starting to fit again after a rather indulgent holiday) I took the plunge and got them along with my Halina shoes!
So lets start with the nitty gritty: breaking in! The first wear I wore sockets, which on my part was a complete amateur move (managed to get proper socks before a blister outbreak!) but in my defence, these are my first pair! Once wearing them with proper socks, they were stiff for the first two wears and loosened considerably after that. They are now comfortable enough to wear for upto 8 hours with only some slight rub at the back but this is only on my smaller foot (will discuss more in the sizing section).
So why am I liking these shoes? In short, they’re fun. They are flat. They are comfortable and they are a great alternative for days I don’t want to wear heels or ballet flats. I’d honestly LOVE to try these with some bobby socks at some point as I think they would look adorable! I am still struggling a little with the styling aspect of these but I think as I play with them more I’ll become more confident. Its fun sometimes to step outside your comfort zone and take risks on things you originally thought wouldn’t work.
So…sizing! I got the 7.5 as thats my normal size (I have narrow feet with a medium to high arch and over half a size difference between my feet). Initially they were SUPER snug on my bigger foot. I actually had to really push (with all the glamorous accompanying faces) to get it on. But once it was on and worn once, it loosened but pretty quick. I do find that on my smaller foot they did stretch a bit which now has given me a little rub at the back on that foot with long wear (more than 6 hours) so I just need to pop an insert into the back to help stop that problem. When worn with socks in the length shown I have no issues. For someone looking for a flat retro shoe that is practical these are definitely a pair to consider. I also love wearing these with wide leg jeans and I intend to give them a whirl very soon with my swing pants as well!
Price wise, these also don’t break the bank! They are $65US ($93AUD) with international postage available averaging a 2 week delivery turn around. Considering the only saddle shoes I see in Australia are ‘costume’ shoes and look REALLY tacky, the price is worth the quality!
I hope you’ve enjoyed this little blog post! As usual, thank you so much to Royal Vintage Shoes for selecting me as a brand ambassador! I’m loving working with this amazing store and its one I can highly recommend!
Til next time! Stay safe darlings!
Disclaimer: Whilst I received these shoes as part of a sponsorship with Royal Vintage Shoes, all opinions expressed are honest to help ensure the most accurate information for my readers. 

Loving Lina ~ A Voodoo Vixen Review

Morning all!
Its review time! Today I’m reviewing the amazing Lina Dress from Voodoo Vixen!
Now days I tend to look for clothes that I can easily make fit into both my work and my personal life. Working full time in an office now days means that my purchases of plunging neck lines and halterneck tops have really faltered in the past 6 months, as they simply aren’t appropriate to my line of work anymore. Sure I still buy them, but nowhere near as regularly as I once did. This gorgeous dress jumped out at me because I felt the simple two tone colour-ways made it a versatile little number! Easy to accessorize because of its block colours and create multiple looks. This pretty has become a much loved piece in my corporate wardrobe!
 In this blog post I’ll be talking about the fit, quality, my thoughts on this dress and styling!
First Impressions
My first impressions of this dress was the I loved the colour! Growing up, I was such a SUCKER for blue.I wore pretty much exclusively blue from around 12-14 and I’ve been trying to incorporate it back into my wardrobe again. The lighter accents throughout the dress also stood out to me as really pretty touches and the bust line/capped sleeves meant it would be an appropriate work number for me.
The Fit
I found the fit of this dress to be spot on and true to size. I got the medium, which is my most common size in pinup repro clothes and it fit perfectly. I can comfortably wear it with or without my foundation garments but much prefer it with, as it really enhances the cut of the dress. The bustline of the dress I found to be comfortable, it sat high enough I wasn’t showing off my bust, which I feel is more work appropriate. The colour also gave it a more formal feel, lending it for a night out as well as a day at work. The capped sleeves also meant I was able to wear a dress with sleeves without having to worry about it being too tight/cutting in. The length was perfect for wearing with a crinoline for some extra volume as well as without.
I cannot fault the quality of this dress. The button detailing down the front is perfect, there were no imperfections in the sewing and there have been no issues with the zip. Overall, I have been very impressed with the quality from Voodoo Vixen! And the cuts of their designs are adorable!
This dress is a styling dream! Being made up of two block neutral colours, it means you can accessorise it in a lot of different colours! I’ve so far worn mine with red, white and pink. I’d love to try it with some other colours too! It can also be worn with patterns as well! For this shoot I opted for the white, as I love how crisp it looks against the dark! My hair flowers are from Daisy Jean’s Signature Rose collection! My brooch is from DeerArrow and my beads are from Debstar Designs! My shoes are the Pin Up Couture cutie heels in pink. My belt can be found on ebay.
If you are after a dress that’ll work with most occasions, this one is a goer! I’ve fallen in love with this dress, its versatility, its functionality and its overall look.
Thats it for me today! If you have any other questions or comments feel free to leave a comment!
I hope you’ve enjoyed this review. The lovely photos were taken by Russell J Thomas.
Til tomorrow!
Disclaimer: Whilst I received this dress as part of a sponsorship with Voodoo Vixen, all opinions expressed are honest to help ensure the most accurate information for my readers. 

Voodoo Vixen Allison Dress

Hello all,
So I recently had the pleasure of receiving my first ever VoodooVixen goodies all the way from the UK and I was so excited to see them in person! I’m going to be sharing with you my thoughts on the amazing Allison dress in this blog post, around how I felt about the look, fit, quality and the brand.




So being Winter time in the land of Australia, I was a bit unsure initially of getting the Allison, as I was a little unsure of how I would be able to make her fit into my work life and the current weather, but the pattern was so cute I couldn’t pass it up! When she arrived, I knew I made the right choice and being a lover of layering, I quickly paired her with one of my sheer blouses to make her more winter and work friendly as well as also matching her with cotton long sleeve shirts.
To be honest, I’ve fallen in love with this dress. I sized up to a large, as is my norm with wiggle dresses to accommodate my booty. I’m also a bit weightier than I normally am atm (currently attempting to shed some stress weight I gained earlier in the year) and as such have been a little bit intimidated of giggle styles, but found that I felt comfortable and confident in the Allison dress.
The Look
I love the versatility of the Allison dress. It can so quickly go from being a date dress by wearing with cute heels or a casual look with flats. I like to wear my Allison to work by teaming it with sheer blouses or cotton long sleeve shirts. The print is amazing, lending itself to a range of different accessory options and the soft baby pink background of the fabric gives it a very feminine feel. It does come with a belt of the same print but I prefer to wear mine with other block colour belts.
The fit
While initially I found the fabric to be quite stiff, after a wash and wear it’s become incredibly comfortable and suitable for everyday where. I found the large fit being very true to my measurements, fitting just a tad loose around the bust but being firmer on my lower body. Not being a super tight dress on the legs too I’ve been able to wear my Allison dress with minimal issues around my stockings and welts showing, which is always a win.
The Quality
I was very pleased with the quality of my Voodoo Vixen purchases. They had no fraying at seams and were constructed well. The Allison features a quality invisible zip which I haven’t had issues with after multiple wears and beautiful button detailing at the front of the bust.
Since receiving my first package I’ve also purchased my first Voodoo Vixen skirt which I’ve fallen in love with! You can expect to see a lot more Voodoo Vixen coming into my wardrobe and being reviewed here in the future!
I have more Voodoo Vixen reviews coming your way over the next few months so keep your eyes peeled!
I hope you’ve enjoyed this review!


Til tomorrow



Much love!
Disclaimer: Whilst I received this dress as part of a sponsorship with Voodoo Vixen, all opinions expressed are honest to help ensure the most accurate information for my readers. 

Rainy Days and White Dots ~ The Hell Bunny Madden Dress Review

Good morning lovelies!
Another morning and I’m bringing you another review! This time its one of my current favorite dresses: the Madden Dress by Hell Bunny in navy blue and white dots which I accessorised with one of my Creep Heart brooches. 
Up until recently, I’d never given much thought to the 1940’s as a specific era.  I didn’t really have any era specific dresses, but I had always loved the Hell Bunny Madden dress. I’d seen it on SO many other ladies that I knew I just had to have it and when I saw the opportunity, I jumped! I wear this dress in a medium.



The Dress

So the Madden dress is a Hell Bunny style that is of a 1940’s inspiration. It features a high neckline (making it great for work) button details on the collar, back zip, short sleeves, a nipped waist and flared bottoms. This is a great dress for ladies who work in an environment that doesn’t really allow low cut tops and the cut is very figure flattering on pretty much most body shapes, giving the illusion of curves and smoothing problem areas. This dress is made from 100% Polyester which means it is very light but I find easily made warm with undergarments. This dress is also available in a variety of colours as well, meaning if Navy isn’t your thing, you can still grab one in a colourway more suited to your tastes.

The Fit

Hell Bunny halters I’m a size Small in but I needed a medium for this cut of dress as the fabric has very little stretch. I’d strongly recommend checking your measurements when buying online. I found the fit comfortable to wear and not constricting. The high neckline has been great for work and when the weather is cooler I team it with shapewear, stockings, a petticoat and cardigan and its perfectly suitable but it’s also pretty fabulous on a warmer day. The sleeves are a little firm on me, but not to a point where they are uncomfortable or constricting, but this is something to be mindful of if you are larger in the upper arms.
 It isn’t too firm across the bust, though I wouldn’t suggest wearing anything padded. I love the shape this dress gives me. The cut on me is especially flattering, being quite petite in the upper body and I love how it nips and falls around my waist and hips.


I normally pair this dress with a brooch, a pair of my TUK shoes that have a 1940’s feel and sometimes a hair flower. For this shoot I opted to wear one of my new Creep Heart brooches I purchased recently. I’m wearing the ‘Moon Umbrella’ brooch ($25AU + Postage) and I can honestly say I adore this brooch. I’d actually been on the hunt for a brooch that featured an umbrella for at least 8 months and was super excited when I saw one was being included in her No Luck, Bad Luck release! The layering of the printed acrylic and clear acrylic gives such great dimension to this brooch! It’s a great piece and I’ll continue to buy these great goodies from the delightful Ella Mobbs.

Where to purchase

I found my Hell Bunny Madden Dress on ebay, which is probably the best place to find it now days as its quite an older release.
You can purchase the brooch from the Creep Heart website by clicking here!


I absolutely love this dress and purchasing it has actually birthed a deep love and interest in the 1940’s as an era. I am sure I’ll be purchasing other Hell Bunny dresses that have a 1940’s feel and I will of course be buying more amazing brooches from the lovely Ella Mobbs of Creep Heart!
I hope you’ve enjoyed this review and look forward to sharing more with you in the next few weeks!
Much love!

Keeping warm with Hell Bunny

Morning all! Its review time again!
I’ve never owned a coat before as a pinup as the last few winters here in Aussieland haven’t actually been cold enough. But when winter set in this year it became apparent very quickly that winter this year was going to be quite cold and bitter and that I’d need to invest this year, so I began the hunt for a coat to call my own. I ended up settling on the Hell Bunny Shona Coat in black!



The Coat

I settled on the Hell Bunny Shona Coat for a few reasons. The first being that like so many other things, I’d seen it floating around and loved how beautiful it looked on actual ladies I follow on Instagram. I loved how absolutely decadent it looked and while I loved coats from Collectif like the pearl coat, I worried that my daily commute on rather rough public transport would trash the fur hemline. I wanted something glamourous but practical and I found that in the Shona. I went with Black purely for its versatility as a colour and made my purchase. The Shona is 90% polyester, 8% viscose 2% elastane and has a detachable collar and cuffs (though I haven’t been game to try yet). It has a fabric button clasp at the front as well as hidden buttons for a seamless look. This beauty also comes with pockets, which was definitely a winner for me and is flared enough that it can be easily paired with swing styles. It also comes in red and teal.

The Fit

I ordered the medium in this coat, which is my usual size for hell bunny and the fit was spot on, though it isn’t as firm in the waist as I would have preferred. The arms weren’t tight and uncomfortable either. I personally find this coat to be comfortable to wear and there has only been one occasion, when the wind was extremely fierce that I have felt chilly and that was primarily in the arm section of the coat. The fabric loop button at the front is a great feature too as often I won’t feel like completely buttoning up my coat but this fixture allows for it to be closed when wearing, which I like. The pockets are also a big winning feature for me as they make my morning commute much more comfortable. In nearly a month of consistent wear this coat is still in amazing condition and has been faring well with daily wear. The colour was a very good choice as well as I find it has worked with everything I have worn so far. I’ve found it to be warm, comfortable and easy to wear.

Where to purchase

I found my Shona coat on ebay in a UK store and paid $90AU with free shipping. I did have to wait 2 weeks for it but with a retail price of $150AU or more in Australia I was happy to wait.  If you would prefer yours now I’d suggest checking Australian retailers of Hell Bunny.


I am so beyond happy with my Shona Coat and I’m definitely happy I made the purchase. It makes me feel so amazingly fabulous when I wear it and it definitely turns heads on my commute to and from work. I can foresee me making more coat purchases in the future from Hell Bunny after this success!
I hope you’ve enjoyed this review and look forward to sharing more with you in the next few weeks!


Much love!

Review ~ Mermaid love with Hell Bunny and Erstwilder

Good morning all!
Its review time again in this follow on review from my earlier pastel princess post, which features the Paula skirt in mint featured in that post, click here to read it.


As I mentioned earlier, I’m a bit of a mermaid enthusiast/lover and after I purchased the Shelli top, when Gwynnies got the Bubble and Sweet Blouse back in stock (pictured above) I KNEW it had to be in my wardrobe! So, another order later, she was in my hot little hands! 

I bought this blouse in a size Medium, the same as the Shelli (you can view my measurements here) with confidence it would fit, and it did. I had the same slight bagging in the bust as mentioned in the Shelli review, but aside from that she fit perfectly. The lack of sleeve meant I didn’t have to worry about tightness and being patterned I found this fabric a bit less sheer as the Shelli counterpart. 

The fabric of this blouse is honestly a dream. It features sea horses, shell’s and bubbles on a soft blue fabric. The collar is slightly scalloped in shape and has the same ribbon tie detail at the front of the blouse and features the most ADORABLE silver shell buttons! I actually love this blouse slightly more than my Shelli, purely based on the buttons. I did find the same issue with the ribbon ties being a bit too long, which means they catch with movement (for example against my desk while sitting) and pulling the bow loose but its a minimal issue for such a pretty piece. 

My favorite thing to match with this blouse? Why Erstwilder of course! Easily the biggest part of my brooch collection, Erstwilder is a brand I’ve previously discussed (read here) and even had the absolute privilege of working with (click here).  My Sandy the Shy Seahorse brooch from their ‘By the Seaside’ collection was the obviously perfect match! Made of out layered resin, Sandy compliments the Bubble and Sweet blouse perfectly, finishing it off beautifully. Being layered resin means she has a great depth of colour and really pops off the collar.

I also decided to match my outfit with a pair of Daisy Jean Floral Designs signature rose doubles in lilac. Daisy Jean is my little business venture and I truly love being able to create whole looks with them. I chose the lilac double to tie in with the purple belt, which is also Hell Bunny. I have 4 of their retro coloured belts and they are  my daily go to for finishing off an outfit. The elastic means they are comfortable and not constricting and the range of colours means they are incredibly versatile.


With the Bubble and Sweet Blouse, I bought my first Paula skirt in mint. I bought the medium which is my go to size for Hell Bunny and it fit perfectly as I knew it would. I went with the mint as it would work with both my blouses and I honestly want more! This is my first ever block colour Hell Bunny skirt and she is honestly amazing! Having a block skirt really allows for colour and detail on top. I tend to go for patterned skirts and block colour tops so its been nice to swap things around for a change. This skirt can be worn with either a petticoat or without, though they really pop with one. The only downside to the lighter pastel is how clearly creases show up in the skirt but I do find this is primarly across the back where I sit and not really across the front, but I really felt it was a small price to pay for such a cute outfit!I can definitely say she won’t be my last block colour skirt purchase.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this review and found it helpful! I still have more reviews coming, so keep your eyes peeled!
Thank you for reading lovelies!