Christmas has come early to Erstwilder


Wearing Past Midnight brooch from the Erstwilder Kitschy Christmas Range

I was never one to get into the swing of Christmas too much as a kid. It was normally too hot and humid to consider clothing outside of a swimsuit and I spent many of my Christmas’ as a kid swimming in a pool, running under the sprinkler or being in the sea all while enjoying a BBQ with loved ones. As an adult, my Christmas season has become more about celebrating through accessories and outfits thanks to working most of the silly season and still enjoying that time with family and friends. Through pinup, I found a love for Christmas I never had before through the wealth of accessories and outfits that are Christmas themed. I have a number of Erstwilder designs from previous years in my overflowing brooch drawer, but this years designs were something a bit different and I wanted to share my favorites from the release with you all.


Erstwilder’s latest Christmas range has been designed by Australian Designer Donna (owner of Kaiju Candy) and she has done an absolutely smashing job. I adore the use of non-traditional Christmas colours and the fun twist on some Christmas classics. My favorites were two brooches I felt I could wear at other times of the year without raising too many questions and the statement Christmas necklace which really stood out to me as well.

The Merry Christmas Gingerbread heart necklace was something a bit different to what I normally love but I couldn’t go past it. It was so cute and pretty and a piece that I knew I could wear with a lot of different outfits with ease. I also loved the simple writing style and small holly accents on this necklace and can tell its gonna be a December favorite.

The Kiss Me Kindly brooch is such a bright pretty take on such a traditional Christmas piece. I love the dots throughout the holly and the lighter tones throughout. While this is a Christmas Holly piece I feel I could wear it throughout the year with the right outfit, which is one reason it caught my eye.


The Past Midnight brooch is one that felt especially special. I come from a household where my mum enjoyed collecting clocks so this brooch is quite a sentimental piece for me and one you can easily wear all year round. I also love the dangle detail in this piece too.

Erstwilder pieces are made out of layered resin and feature a locking back. As a long time wearer and collector of Erstwilder I adore their fun designs and their drive to do their best. 

Erstwilder’s Christmas release is now available in their store featuring 15 designs that also include 4 fan favorite recolours! You can buy direct from Erstwilder or from the wealth of stockists. Some of my favorite stockists are Gwynnies, Natasha Marie Clothing, Hug Me Harry, That Shop and you can check for other stockists here!

I hope you’re all able to snap up your favorites and are as excited for the upcoming Christmas season as I am with so many amazing goodies to choose from!

Til next time darlings.


Disclaimer: Whilst I received these brooches in collaboration with Erstwilder, all opinions expressed are honest to help ensure the most accurate information for my readers.


Some Newness at Erstwilder


As an avid brooch collector and lover, brooch releases always rank high on my calendar. While I don’t go crazy for releases, I do like to nab the pieces I love if I can to add to my forever overflowing brooch drawer! I’ve spoken before about Erstwilder being the brand that introduced me to brooches and they are still the brand that occupy the most space in my brooch drawer! With their newest release Furry & Feathered Friends and a recolour range of their By Popular Demand pieces having just dropped into their store, I thought I’d share my favorite pieces with you all from their newest offering of goodies as well as talking about some unicorns making a comeback!



First up is their Furry & Feathered Friends range which has my absolute favorite from this new release! The Natural Predator brooch is the most adorable pink kitten, wrapped around a ball of yarn. As a girl who grew up in a household where we pretty much always had cats, the sheer cuteness of this brooch is so gorgeous in person. I love the texturing of the yarn ball and the fact the kitten is pink, which is gonna make it a super versatile piece that is beyond adorable to incorporate into my wardrobe.



The second from the Furry & Feathered Friends range that I’m absolutely loving is the Ozzie the Orator brooch. Anyone whose ever owned a dog or lived near a dog that loves to have a chat with the moon, will know the fun poke this brooch makes. I love that its a fun way to view something that could previously be so frustrating as a dog owner. His colourings are also fantastic for my pastel wardrobe this coming summer. His moon is also sparkley! Which I’m always down with!

giphy (1)

So these are my two loves from the Furry & Feathered Friends range! I’m also going to get myself the budgie duo as they are so adorable together!


Erstwilder have also dropped a recolour range of their ‘By Popular Demand’ pieces as well, which include some highly sought after floral unicorns! While for me these floral unicorns didn’t rank too high as I have the original releases of both, I did love two of the recolours of two cuties I’ve been wanting in my wardrobe for a while!


Ruby the Red Cardinal is a piece that’s been released in a few different colourways from Erstwilder and this is the first one thats really jumped out at me. Her colourings in this release lend themselves to a lot of my 1940s looks and she’ll be fabulous come autumn next year! So naturally she had to make her way into my brooch drawer!


And the last favorite for me from this range was the Wary Warri Wombat brooch! I’m a sucker for Australian wildlife when it comes to my brooches and I’ve long needed a wombat in my life. I love his cross hatch pattern and his brown colourings will make him a great piece to wear with a lot of different looks. And who doesn’t love a wombat!



So there are my favorites from today’s Erstwilder drop! All of these pieces and more are now available in their online store and from their stockists! Which are your favorties?

Erstwilder is made from layered resin, all designed in Australia and retail for $39.95AU + Postage!

Til next time darlings!


Disclaimer: Whilst I received these brooches in collaboration with Erstwilder, all opinions expressed are honest to help ensure the most accurate information for my readers. 

Into the woods with Erstwilder

IMG_3961Wearing King of Our Forest Brooch & Fallen Acorn Earrings from the Woodland range

Darlings, I don’t think I’ve ever been as excited for a range as I am about the new Erstwilder Wood Land range. A range with fun pieces that make my autumn loving heart happy, this range is full of beautiful critters and quirky lumberjacks meaning there is something to suit everyone’s tastes! I wanted to share 3 of my favorites with you in today’s post as this stunning range has just dropped online so you can snap yourself some of these goodies now!

IMG_3942Wearing King of Our Forest Brooch from the Woodland range

My absolute favorite from this range is the King of our Forest brooch! Being born in May, Autumn is naturally one of my favorite times of the year. In regards to nature, its also such a beautiful time of the year too. When the lush greens of summer fade to a beautiful symphony of golds, oranges, reds and browns. While I find winter quite sad with its lack of colour and life (my area has a lot of deciduous plants in it, so its looking rather bare), autumn just makes my heart sing. I’ve seen a few autumn style leaf brooches come through, but I was yet to find one that really caught my attention. Until I saw the King of Our Forest brooch in the new Woodland Range from Erstwilder. The beautiful dual toned purple colourings really caught my attention as something different and in person incredibly beautiful. It’s a very simple design that really is captivating and I love that the purple changes colour slightly with movement. The purple colour also means he’ll be easy to wear year round and not just in autumn as well as being the perfect size to pop on an outfit without overpowering it.

IMG_3951Wearing Fallen Acorn Earrings from the Woodland range

This range also saw me falling in love with a pair of earrings, which is outside the norm for me. As I work in a job role that requires a lot of phone time, I find earrings can be quite cumbersome. But the Fallen Acorn earrings were just too cute to pass up! These simple dangles are such a pretty addition to any look and as a girl who wears a lot of earthy tones already I know they’ll go with so so much. I also love that these can be worn with other brooches and not just goodies from the woodland range. They’d look equally as cute with bunnies, foxes and other gritters from other collections too! I’m excited to start styling these and see what looks I can create with them.

IMG_3938Wearing A Fallen Acorn earrings and A Fairy Wish brooch from the newest Erstwilder Woodland Range

And finally my Fairy brooch dreams have been realised with the perfect blue woodland fairy in this range! The cutest little fairy holding a golden star, she’ll melt your heart. I love her sassy little foot flick and her wings. I can tell this little beauty is one that’s going to get so much wear in my wardrobe as she’s going to go so well with the abundance of pastels I have in my wardrobe. Her blue dress also makes me think of Navi from Zelda, with her blue glow! Definitely an absolute cutie who will fulfill the hearts desires of any fairy loving lady!

brooch1Kind-Hearted Keresh


Forest Fun Guy

The two other brooches I’ve absolutely fallen in love with in this range are the Kind-Hearted Keresh and Forest Fun Guy. After recently watching Bambi when my siblings came to visit (and subsequently balling my eyes out because its Bambi) I found myself really drawn to Keresh. He’s such a majestic looking fellow yet his kind hearted nature is shown by his bird friends on his antlers, which also offer a pop of colour! The Forest Fun Guy was also an instant love affair as I actually have a mushroom dress he’d look absolutely killer with! Plus I do adore mushrooms in general, they tie in so well with fairies and I’d love to wear the two together!


This range is now live on the Erstwilder website! You can also snap it up at some of my favorite Australian stockists:


Natasha Marie Clothing


But its a highly anticipated release so be quick! Til next time darlings!


Disclaimer: Whilst I received these items in collaboration with Erstwilder, all opinions expressed are honest to help ensure the most accurate information for my readers. 

Gumnut babys and Australiana beauties from Erstwilder



Wearing the Rohan Red Tail brooch from Erstwilder
Its no secret I love brooches. Rarely a day goes by when I don’t have a brooch pinned to my shirt and most days its the primary accessory I wear. I’m also a through and through Aussie. With indigenous heritage my ties to this amazing country are incredibly strong and I honestly couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. One thing for me that makes Australia home is the amazing wildlife that lives here, which is unlike anything else in the world. With the newest Erstwilder range a Collaboration between May Gibbs, the author of the Gumnut babies going live today as well as some new Australiana designs, I thought I’d share my two favorites with you!
Wearing the Basket Bilby brooch
The Basket Bilby brooch for me is the perfect touch of Easter that I can wear all year round. I grew up in a household that didn’t have an Easter Bunny, instead using one of our native animals as our Easter icon as an Easter bilby. I have fond memories as a kid following the little white powder footprints of the bilby down the hallway to where our Easter eggs were left. Bilby’s for me as a result became a creature of magic and wonder so I am super excited to finally have a Bilby in my brooch drawer.
The Basket Bilby is made extra cute by the fact he’s surrounded by little flowers, looking over the edge of a wicker basket. And while for many Australians like myself he can be Easter specific, he’s also versatile enough that he can be worn any time of the year too. This little guy is probably my favorite from this new range and I cannot wait to style him with different looks!
Wearing the Rohan Red Tail brooch from Erstwilder
My other favorite from the Australiana side of things is Rohan the Red Tail cockatoo. I lived in the Southern Highlands for a few years growing up as a kid and later a teenager and it’s an area that red tail cockatoos love as it has quite a few pine trees (we had a whole row along the back of our property) and they loved getting into the pine cones. Their screech like chatter used to fill the air as they would feast on these pinecones, before leaving with bounty in hand…occasionally dropping one which would drop like a missile to the ground. More than once my mum and I were sent running to the house from the backyard as these pinecones dropped from the sky. Strikingly beautiful to watch from below with their flash of red, these birds proved to incredibly pretty to watch fly away even if we kept one eye on guard for falling pinecones.
Rohan the Red Tail comes in the characteristic black, but I do love the gold rippling through his wing and his head. It adds a different dimension to him. His striking red is as bright as ever and I adore the little flower details on his branch. With Australian birds making up a bulk of my Erstwilder collection, this little guy is definitely going to be loved!
Some of my other favorites from this newest release from Erstwilder are:
Armed and Dangerous Brooch


Theodore the Trim Brooch


Tropical Odyssey Necklace
This Erstwilder range is now live and is available not just from the Erstwilder Website but from a variety of stockists such as Gwynnies, Natasha Marie, Coconette-Oz! You can snap yourself up an Erstwilder brooch for $34.95AU + postage and most stores offer afterpay or zip pay for Australian buyers!
I hope you’re all as excited about this collection as I am and I cannot wait to pop an order in for my other favorites!
Which one is your favorite from this newest release?
Til next time darlings!
Disclaimer: Whilst I received these brooches in a collaboration with Erstwilder, all opinions expressed are honest to help ensure the most accurate information for my readers. 

Queen with a crown with Doily Delightz

We all have those days when we just want to slay. We want to look our best. To feel like the queen of our own realm…however big or small that realm may be. So what better way to help a girl feel like a queen than with a crown? Doily Delightz is an Australian small business that is helping ladies feel like queens with their unique creations which as the name implies are made from various doilys.
 Taking the humble doily and adding a unique twist, Doily Delightz doesn’t just make hair pieces for retro girls, they make hair pieces that can be worn by ladies in any fashion lane (though I must admit as a pinup I do love the granny chic feel the doily’s give!).  A mum pursuing her passion (while also being a supporter of other mum’s and women doing the same), she’s found a unique way to combine her love of handmade goodies while breathing new life into old doily’s and lace.
 When I was contacted to see if I’d like to collaborate, I knew this was a small business I had to share with you all. Perfect for a variety of occasions (weddings, festivals, races, parties) or even just for days you want to add a bit of doily-esque slay to your outfit, there is a piece that will appeal to everyone. As I said, her designs aren’t just for retro girls and can be worn by ladies of all ages and backgrounds. These really are headpieces anyone can wear. When I received my black doily piece in the mail, I was excited by the fun prospect of styling it! It gave me such dark queen vibes and I found the perfect dress match in this slinky bronze number I bargain hunted a few years ago. I also teamed it with my earrings from another Australian small business Tika’s Treasure for a little pop of colour to my look.
Made of stiffened black doily’s that are reinforced with wire, this piece is attached to a headband for easy and comfortable wear. I love the simplicity of the style and the detail through the holes of each spike, created by the pattern of the doily. It’s not very heavy and light to wear. It’s also quite hardy and despite sitting on my dresser it easily dusts off and is very resilient to the occasional bump as I sift through my things. I’m absolutely loving this design and I’m really excited to find new events to wear this piece to in 2017!
All of Doily Delightz pieces are one of a kind, meaning you’ll never have to worry about someone wearing the same thing as you when you head out to a function/event/or just life. Her pieces also range in size and style from crowns like this, to pieces that cover more of your head to taller pieces. There really is something to suit everyone and any occasion!
I hope you’ve all loves this review and I had such fun styling it. You can find Doily Delightz in their etsy store as well as on Instagramand on facebook.
Keep your eyes peeled on their social media spaces as they are due to release their first collection of 2017 very soon!
Til next time darlings!
Disclaimer: Whilst I received this dress as part of a sponsorship with Doily Delightz, all opinions expressed are honest to help ensure the most accurate information for my readers. 

Swimming out to sea with Erstwilder’s Ocean Vibes Range

For those who don’t know, I’m a massive ocean lover! Wanted to be a Marine Biologist as a kid, dreamt of working on the ocean. Orcas are my all time favorite animal, to the point I have a massive one that sits on my bed as well as a smaller one too. I grew up watching Free Willy, my brain absorbing documentary facts like a sponge. While my life didn’t let me follow the path I’d always dreamed, my love of the ocean has still remained (hence my obsession with mermaids!) so you can imagine my excitement when I saw that an Orca was included in the newest Erstwilder release: Ocean Vibes!
Ocean wish and Olinda the Honorable Orca brooches by Erstwilder
As a lover of Erstwilder in general, its so great to see such a gorgeous range centred around the ocean. I loved their first ever ‘ocean’ themed release from a few years ago and this one has truly gone above and beyond. A massive collection of 20 pieces consisting of brooches, earrings and necklaces have hit their store and there really is a something to suit everyone. For this post I wanted to share my two favorites from the range, though I have no doubt I’ll be adding more from this range to my ever growing brooch drawer!
The Ocean Wish brooch is a gorgeous little brooch which makes me think of tidal rock pools and wandering around the point with my grandmother collecting shells. Tidal pools are such amazing places and the life you find in them is even moreso. Looking through them as a child I saw many star fish amongst the rocks and this brooch perfectly captures those memories. Set on a blue patterned base, it features strips of seaweed with a pink and yellow starfish.
The detail in this brooch truly is beautiful. The ripples through the seaweed, the flecks through the water and even the layering of the starfish all help bring together a cute little piece which will let you take the rock pools with you wherever you go! This brooch left me feeling truly special. After loosing my grandmother last year, it for me feels like a small memory of something I used to love doing with her that I can wear wherever I go.
My other must have from this newest Erstwilder collection was Olinda the Honorable Orca. With an Orca being at the top of my favorite animals list, Olinda had to be mine. They released the sneak peak of this gorgeous girl when the world found out Tilikum had passed away and I thought the timing for this collection was so perfect.
For me this brooch celebrates an incredible animal, an animal for me is absolutely incredible and that should be out in the ocean swimming free. Olinda features a beautiful blue splash of textured acrylic (it makes me think of the sunshine flicking across water) and Olina is solid black and white. She’s in a jump position, which for me makes me think of Willy’s big jump at the end of the first Free Willy movie.
This range also includes some gorgeous additions I need as well such as Here’s Brucey the shark, Echo of the Ocean who is the prettiest dolphin and the Ocean Trotter who is the most adorable seahorse. There’s also a completely new style mermaid, so gorgeous!
I hope you’ve all enjoyed this review and love this range as much as I do! I know I’ll definitely be getting a lot of wear out of this range as its a range that makes my mermaid heart sing.
You can get pieces from this collection from Erstwilder as well as other amazing stores such as Gwynnies, Natasha Marie Clothing and Coconette-Oz.
Til next time darlings!
Disclaimer: Whilst I received this dress as part of a collaboration with Erstwilder, all opinions expressed are honest to help ensure the most accurate information for my readers. 

Halloween Accessories ~ Deer Arrow and Revere Folie

Revere Folie Haunted House Hoops and Deer Arrow Haunted Moon brooch
Hello darlings!
I thought since it’s the Month of Halloween, I’d share my favourite Halloween goodies with you all over the next few weeks! This week I’ve paired my awesome Halloween Hoops from Revere Folie with my Haunted Moon brooch fromDeer Arrow, a match made in heaven. 
The Revere Folie Halloween hoops are such a fun play on Halloween. Made from Laser Cut acrylic, which is then layered to create the design, these fun hoops are such a great way to add some spooky vibes to your look, whether it be for Halloween or just for fun. Coming in a range of styles, I opted for the haunted house ones, which jumped out to me due to their colours and design.
Being acrylic, these hoops are light weight and comfortable to wear. I love the red glitter of the hoop against the black of the house/bats and yellow of the moon. I got mine in a stud but if clip ons are what you need they are available in that as well. I cannot wait to wear these a little later in the month as I think they’ll be a fun way to spook up the office without being too overbearing! I’ve popped some examples of other designs of their Halloween hoops below. You can get your own by clicking here. These hoops are $30AUD + postage and I had mine within a week of ordering them!
 As someone who gets paid fortnightly, I normally miss out of Deer Arrow releases. I was so excited that their Halloween release fell on my pay day! I managed to snap myself up their Haunted Moon brooch, which features an adorable black cat sitting on a quarter moon, with a cute little dangle tail.
Made of layered acrylic as well, the pattern within the moon layer is absolutely gorgeous and I love the old world feel of his face. This brooch is incredibly light weight and the loose tail really is such a pretty touch. I know I’ll happily wear this one outside of Halloween as it’ll be easy to style with other outfits! He retails for $35AUD + postage and you can buy him here.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this little Halloween post and I’ll have more Halloween inspired accessories and where to find them in next weeks post!
Til next time darlings! 

Bubble Bubble Toil and Trouble ~ The Erstwilder Halloween Collection

Wearing Toil and Trouble Brooch
Growing up in Australia, Halloween wasn’t a big deal. I never went trick or treating as it wasn’t a think in the more regional areas I grew up and decorations weren’t even in stores. As I came into my teenage years, Halloween started to get a little more traction here in Australia. Trick or Treaters started showing up on our doorstep and my friends started holding ‘halloween parties’ near the end of my high school life. Now as an adult, I still don’t trick or treat (or lets be honest go to Halloween Parties) but I do enjoy incorporating fun Halloween accessories and prints into my wardrobe over the course of October and its definitely been catching on with our local brands! And Australian Accessory Brand Erstwilder are no exception!
This year, Erstwilder have released the cutest halloween brooches and I just had to share, because I believe that are not only fun but can be worn during other seasons! My personal favorites are the Bat Cat brooch, Cozy Cobwet and Toil and Trouble brooch. All of these brooches caught my eye for different reasons and they are all brooches I know I can happily wear outside of the festive season.
Wearing the Bat Cat Brooch
With a mini story of ‘Am I the Hero that Erstwilder needs? Or the hero that Erstwilder deserves? One thing’s for certain: I’m Bat Cat’ the vibrancy of this little guys wings is what caught my eye. That and I just adore bats. I think they are such misunderstood creatures that have been pulled down my a lot of sterotypes. But whats better than a bat, but a bat cat. A fusion of two completely different types of cuddle combined into one!

Bat Cat has purple wings with a gold pattern through them. Bat Cat has a cute cat face with little legs and a tail. As someone who occasionally likes to dabble on the more alternative side, this little guy can definitely come to the dark side with me. His bright purple wings with his dark body makes him fun and easy to wear. He stands out on patterns as well as standing out on a plain black look as well!
Wearing the Cozy Cobweb Necklace
This is my second Erstwilder necklace and I must say, its definitely the fun one. This necklace features a spiderweb that has the most beautiful shimmer pattern through the back, at a closer look making it look like spiderweb strands. The Spiders on the front are a red back spider and a little black one. These two little guys are happily chilling out together and it makes a great statement piece for a more gothy/vampy look or for darkening your favourite October Halloween looks. Its lightweight to wear, which is something I always feel is super important and its sits comfortably on as well.
Honestly guys, I cannot express how much I simply adore this necklace. Its such a fun piece thats still simple and a great way to compliment or make an outfit. This necklace is definitely proof that creepy crawlies can be cute!
Wearing the Toil and Trouble Brooch
The Toil and Trouble brooch is probably my favorite out of all these brooches. As someone who loved shows and books like The Worst Witch growing up, as well as loving the Mayfair witch series from Anne Rice and of course who could forget Harry Potter, I do have a deep love for witches in literature. So this little Cauldron for me is little bit of the things I loved growing up as a kid.
The bright green and purple colours of the potion really make this brooch and I love the detail of the fire. It kind of reminds me of the part in Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince when Hermonie is trying to brew the potion to win the Felix Felicis. Or hiding in Myrtle’s bathroom. Or both. Who doesn’t love wearing some witchy goodness!
You can check out the rest of their Halloween collection by clicking here and snap up your own Halloween goodies! I honestly cannot wait to see the amazing outfits everyone wears over this Halloween period! One thing I adore about pinup and retro styling is the fun you can have with it! So why not incorporate some ghoulish glamour into your own wardrobe!
I hope you’ve all enjoyed this review! It was super fun to head into the cemetery again for some great shots. You can shop the new Erstwilder Halloween range in full by clicking here!

I’ll be reviewing this hell bunny dress I bought from Tragic Beautiful next week!
Til next time darlings!
 Disclaimer: Whilst I received these brooches as part of a collaboration with Erstwilder, all opinions expressed are honest to help ensure the most accurate information for my readers. 

Gracious Gold with Retro Resins

For as long as I can remember, my go to accessories were brooches. I wore brooches and flowers. That was pretty much it. I felt intimidated by adding more accessories as a baby pinup and it was only as my confidence within pinup grew, that I slowly started adding necklaces and most recently: earrings. Earrings have become somewhat of an obsession. I started making them for my business, Daisy Jean and then I started buying from stores like Revere Folie and Deluxe Creations. My interest in earrings grew and grew, however I didn’t have a pair of statement hoops…something I so desperately wanted. When I saw Retro Resins were releasing a pair for pre-order, I jumped straight in and got myself a pair!
Retro Resin’s is a New Zealand based accessory company founded and run by Miss Lorelei Louise. A lover of retro and vintage accessories, she found a passion for sharing her love of these things through her business Retro Resins. She uses a mix of new and vintage items to bring unique life to her etsy accessory store! I found her through the lovely Honey L’Amour who made the gorgeous top I’m wearing in this shoot (review coming soon)!
So I pre-ordered the Hollywood hoops on the 3rd August 2016 for $27.28AUD and $7.79AUD postage from New Zealand to Australia. They were promptly shipped on the 17th August, right on the expected ship out date. They arrived in just under 2 weeks, which is around normal for Australia post and I was so excited to unwrap my package and find these gorgeous goodies inside!

The Hollywood hoops size for me was initially very daunting. These are the biggest pair of hoops I own and it took me a while to start feeling comfortable wearing such a statement earring. But, their simple design and ease in styling helped make this transition for me easy. They are incredibly light weight, something which for me is important as a gal with sensitive ears! Heavy earrings tend to upset my ears but I’ve worn these a few days in a row on more than one occasion now with minimal soreness which is always a win. 
I’ve also found them to be an incredibly versatile pair of earrings! I’ve worn them a few different ways now and they are always met with positive compliments from people. Plus, if I feel like doing a bit more of a Marilyn look they are the perfect accessory! I’ve popped some of the ways I’ve styled these earrings down below!


These gorgeous earrings are now in stock and are available for $30AUD + postage! A must have for any 50’s lover and definitely a pair of earrings I will definitely keep on wearing! You can find Retro Resins on Etsy and Instagram!
Thank you all so much for reading this review! I have some SUPER exciting stuff happening behind the scenes at the moment that I cannot wait to share! I also have a big post about my first blogger conference trip coming this weekend, which is inspiring me to change up how I blog here, with those changes coming soon!
Til next time darlings!

The perfect Repro Vintage Bag from Lola Von Rose

While I don’t get photographed with them often, I’m a long time lover of handbags. My current favorite two were actually my grandmothers before she passed and while I adore the look of lucite style true vintage bags, the price bracket of such items normally puts them in the unobtainable list for me. I simply cannot afford that much when I use handbags a lot (as a commuter for my day job a handbag comes with me everyday on public transport) and I shudder at the idea of such a beautiful piece of history potentially getting broken during my peak hour travels. But that is all changing thanks to reproduction vintage handbag store Lola Von Rose!
Lola Von Rose Red Handbag with Loraine heels from Royal Vintage Shoes
I was fortunate enough to recently win a Red Lola Von Rose Handbag in one of their Instagram competitions and I was so excited for it to arrive! The shipping was pleasantly quick and it was so beautiful and safely packaged. I am absolutely smitten with my new bag.
Lola Von Rose is based in the USA and make these gorgeous reproduction vintage inspired bags in a variety of colours! Aside from the standard red, white and black they also come in baby pink and a soon to be released seafoam green!!  One thing I was impressed with was how much I could actually get in this little bag! Deceptively big inside, I can fit the following in her:
  • Iphone 6S
  • Lux Deville Wallet
  • House Keys
  • Lipstick & brush
  • Mobile battery and cable
Considering its smaller size, I thought this was amazing and definitely the main thing that sold me on her bags (I take a fair bit in my handbag to work everyday!)


So how much will a Lola Von Rose handbag set you back? $68USD  which works out to be only $89.80AUD. Her postage rates are also reasonable as well.  Shipping in the US starts at $12US. Canada starts at $23US and everywhere else starts at $25US. So for us Aussie gals that means shipping is only $33AUD. Such great prices for such a great bag.
I hope you’ve all enjoyed this post (and this lovely bag!) 
Til next time darlings!
Disclaimer: Whilst I received these shoes as a prize from Lola Von Rose, all opinions expressed are honest to help ensure the most accurate information for my readers.